Embracing what it is to be fully human.


To be wild. To be vulnerable. To be powerful.


Within each of us lays an ache to belong. To be free. To express ourselves.

My purpose and passion is to embody and offer transmission of what it is to be fully human - to embrace and express the parts of myself that have been shamed, made wrong, and kept locked away, as well as aspects of myself that are celebrated and praised.

I create a full-permission space where every part of you is welcome!

To liberate yourself. To embrace yourself. To create agency and personal power. To thrive.

I understand that I was outsourcing my pain of the abuse by feeling guilt instead, and stepping into the abuser role with no need. That was huge, and wanted to thank you for work that helped me to wake up and be aware. You are definitely impacting with your work and the universe is supporting all your greatness.
— Anonymous, Visual Artist
Amazing [Holistic Bodywork] treatment, a thousand thankyous.
Lindsey actually listens to my body / mind’s shifts and responses, and she certainly responds in kind(ness)...
Lindsey’s energetic clearing capacities are indeed unique, which is probably one of the many reasons why they actually work!
So rare to meet healers whom can sensitively and consciously transmute stagnant charge in the pathways of my body. Leading to greater experiential awareness of how we lock our own bodies up, with our conditioned mindsets.... as Lindsey provides awareness, safety and permission to feel our way (the only way) through our trauma, our armour, our fog, our stubbornness, etc etc, to breathe life and fire back into the various forgotten or sealed off catacombs of our whole bodily hearts.
Thank you for your genuine service to the earth and humanity you clearly love so much!
Powerful alchemical healing work... xo
10 stars!! **********”
— Trevor, Bio-Energetic Release Therapist & Ecological Artist-Activist
My session today with the divine Lindsey was so amazing Im actually not sure I can find the words right now to describe it and do it justice! I felt so divinely held during this incredible session as she gently guided me through her unique process. Everything that came up resonated to a ‘t’ and the energy clearing she facilitated was immense! I can still feel my energy buzzing in a really beautiful way! I highly, highly recommend working with this divine being of light, she truly is magical! Deep gratitude to you gorgeous Zee xxx
— Arnalisha, Spiritual Life Coach, Personal Trainer
Lindsey is someone I could become comfortable with quickly. I think this is due to Lindsey’s wealth of experience. It was great how intuitive Lindsey was, and able to ask quite a few question to boil the whole session down to a few take home messages that resonated more than I could have anticipated. I had never had a session with a Sexual Empowerment Coach before and as stealth (trans) man, with a somewhat taboo history before past life circumstance – it didn’t matter. Barriers were taken away and I could open up and be honest & present. I explored some of my confidence troubles and shame in peace, it was a breeze because of who Lindsey is. I am keen to keep outgrowing shame with the effective guidance Lindsey offers. I wasn’t disappointed and felt glad to support the work Lindsey is passionate about due to the true care I was given.
— Simon, Musician & Meditation Facilitator

Artist. Activist. Alchemist.

I'm Lindsey, a passionate, wild, creative human with a heart of gold and a laugh that fills the room! 

I create a safe space where every part of you is welcome, and pave the way for a living a fully human life, free from shame.