You’ve been carrying this loss awhile. Perhaps days, maybe weeks or even years.
It lingers inside you, sometimes burred deep, sometimes pushing to the surface of your life and emotions. Longing to be fully seen and validated. This loss, longing to be accepted and acknowledged. 

The lump in your throat at the mention of your little one’s name. The pounding in your chest when you see a newborn or a pregnant belly. Gone is the one you long to hold in your arms, but this loss, it lingers.
Perhaps you've chosen an empty womb. The cultural shame and isolation you hold because of this can be unbearable. The weight of feeling like your innate qualities of being a woman are brought into question because you've chosen to terminate your pregnancy. 

Anger, heart-ache, loneliness, confusion, pain…. these feelings haunt you.

When no one is around, you might let a tear fall, but that little voice in your head nags at you to ‘get over it’, ‘move on already’. You push your emotions aside, affirming your inner strength, your ability to hold yourself together. 

What if you did allow yourself to really let these emotions through?
Fear of being consumed by tears?
Afraid that it will overwhelm you beyond what you can handle? 

Perhaps it could be different…

 What if instead of complete emotional collapse, you found a way to validate and acknowledge your loss and grief in a way that was safe and supported?

What if you were ‘allowed’ to be angry?
To let out the tears and the loneliness, the heart-ache and pain?
Imagine coming to a resting place with your loss.

No longer does your body tense up at the mention of a new born baby, instead you feel a sense of calm and appreciation for the place your child held in your life, as brief as it was.

You’re able to acknowledge your loss without feeling resentment when you hear of the pregnancy of your friend. Imagine feeling motivated to face the day, able to accomplish your desires and demands without feeling like you have to constantly push aside painful emotions.
And in those moments when those emotions do rise to the surface, you feel empowered and equipped to face them, to befriend them, to settle the fears of your aching heart with
self-compassion and patience


I offer to journey with you through a process of experiential acknowledgement, and to equip you with tools and strategies for gracefully facing your deepest emotions and experiences. In this 5-week course, I invite you to step into your vulnerability, to allow your emotions to be witnessed and validated, while safely held and seen by someone who understands in a very real way.

In this 5-week course, I will equip you with tools and tips on how to create space for grief,
how to let go of other's expectations of you during the bereavement process,
and how to reconnect to your creative power through your womb. 


Since 2012, I’ve experienced the loss of 9 friends and family members, in addition to going through a miscarriage that took me three years to fully acknowledge and grieve. I understand the isolation and fear of being totally consumed by grief, should you allow yourself to move deeply through bereavement. I understand feeling like ‘no one gets it’, when grieving the loss of the child your womb held, but you never got to hold in your arms; the emptiness and lack of purpose that pervades your mind can lead to feeling so numb and disconnected from the world around you.

I know all to well, the lethargy and lack of direction that can occur during bereavement, and I’m ready to guide you towards greatness -
in your emotional wellbeing as well as your sense of purpose in life. 

I’m not the traditional talk therapist, waiting to pat you on the back and say, ‘there, there, this too shall pass’. I won’t shy away from allowing you to fully express yourself and your experiences.
My heart’s desire is for you to be seen and validated in your experience of grief; my passion is to empower you to feel more connected and thriving in life, than perhaps you were even before you lost your child. 

In addition to working for several years in the social work and welfare sector supporting people with mental illness, homelessness, and recovery from domestic violence, I have completed mulitple Trauma Recovery training programs. I am also trained in Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy, and my work is infused with the wisdom and reverence of many ancient traditions including my ancestors, the Sioux Tribe of the Lakota Nation (Native American). 

In this course, I offer you the chance to move through your experience of loss through weekly individual sessions, recordings of guided mindfulness practices, and practical tools to assist you in making time and space to grieve. This course is an opportunity for you to experience validation of your feelings and process, as well connection to a group of people going through similar experiences. A chance for you to move beyond the aching and isolation, and into radiance and liberation.   

5 One-to-One Therapeutic Sessions 

5  Guided Mindfulness Recordings to Support You  

5 Practical Tools to Help You stay Connected during Grief

5 Tips on How to Let Go of Others Expectations 

Invitation to Join a Supportive Facebook Group 

Welcome Packet with Questions to Help You Expand into this Course

Daily Homework Exercises to Promote Self-Empowerment through the Healing Journey


I had forgotten home. I had misplaced my sense of sacredness. I had travelled far into a world of distractions... [Through Lindsey’s work], I met the Special, sacred and mundane, all at the same time. I felt connected to myself, the earth and life. So powerful and important.
Blending the physical with the sacred through the plain and simple. Wow.
Lindsey led, guided, poured and created with power and gentleness. There was silence and movement, stillness and sound. She sang, created music, I painted and felt. It was a powerful experience of centering and locating my presence here and now. Words are too small a thing to really grasp the meaning and convey the significance. It is life given its proper reverence, it is feeling your earthly reference point.
Have you forgotten something important about yourself and life on earth? Something simple, dependable, organic, homely? Something magical, powerful, clear and conscious? [A session with] Lindsey will remind you.
— Sam

It's probably not too difficult for you to imagine the pain, sense of abandonment, and agony of loss. But I invite you to imagine:

Moving through grief in a way that allows you to feel empowered in your daily actions,

Connected to the relationships that are important to you

 Able to talk about your loss without absolutely 'losing it' or feeling like you have to 'stuff away' your emotions.

The ability to recognise and face your loss while maintaining a sense of balance

The ability to move forward without the risk of having to deal with compounded grief in years to come. 


When and where do the sessions happen?
If you are living in the Melbourne, VIC (Australia) region, you can book your weekly sessions in-person. I work from a studio in Newtown. If you live interstate or overseas, sessions take place either over the phone or online (Skype, Google Hangout, etc). 
Individual sessions can happen at different times for different people, there is not one specific time that has to be made in order to join the course. I work to align with your schedule and timezone. 

What happens in the individual sessions?
The individual sessions are a place for you to make meaning from your experience. Obviously they will be a little different depending on if we meet in person or electronically. I begin the sessions with a guided mindfulness practice - to help us connect to each other, to let go of out analytic, thinking minds, and drop into the wisdom of our heart and body, and to create a sense of safety for sharing. Because I work in an individual and intuitive way, the sessions are a co-creation of your intent and my intuition. We might do some 'talk therapy', but primarily I will encourage you to access your experience through body awareness, creative expression (visual arts, movement, sound, etc), and from there begin to make meaning. The session will usually end with either another embodied mindfulness practice or me providing you with a 'sound bath' in which I create harmonic and resonant tones through instruments and my voice. This is done to help integrate the session, as well as bring a safe sense of closure until our next session. 

What's all this about embodiment, and why is it important? 
Our bodies are incredible maps to our experiences; storing memory and information different but connected to our thinking mind. When a person experiences trauma, their brain naturally wants to protect them and usually causes dissociation, leaving the person with varying degrees of cognitive memory of the trauma (depending on the severity of the trauma, the age of the person, etc). However, while our cognitive mind not might remember the trauma, our body does! Similar to how we experience 'muscle memory' when working out or exercising, our muscles also remember experiences of trauma. Embodiment is an important part of my work because of the link between body memory and neurological plasticity. When we access the body's memories, we can use creative and expressive art modalities to express the emotional aspect of an experience (without having to remember the trauma cognitively, sometimes causing re-traumatisation) and begin to reshape the neuroplasticity of the brain, building new associations between cognitive and body memories. For more about this, head over here to read my article about the techniques I use and how they correlate with the Triune Brain theory.

How much does it cost? And why?
For this 5-week course, I ask for an investment of $620. I've heard people say they don't want to have to pay for their healing, they just want to be healed. My question is, what is your healing worth to you? Are you willing to pay a few hundred dollars now in order to save from having to face the compounded and suppressed pain in the future? Many people want a quick fix, a magical wand that erases their pain and discomfort. I can't offer you that. I don't have a magical wand that will suddenly relieve all your pain, worries, fear, anger, loneliness and disappointments. 
But I offer you healing worth investing in. I offer you a gateway into freedom from residual pain. I offer you practical methods to empower self-healing when you face discomfort in the future. In order to move beyond pain, we need to move through it, and I'll guide you through safe and effective  practices in order to do so. I provide meaning-making and tools for healing that creates holistic wellness in your life. And I know for myself, when I've had to invest financially in my own healing and wellness, I get a lot more out of it when I invest more in (not just with money, but with time and energy also). This course truly is an investment - what you get out of it is a reflection of what you invest into it. 
Is your wellness worth it? Are you really ready to move through grief and come out the other side?
Are you ready to step into emotional freedom and healing? 

It's not enough just to say you wish you could 'get through it', 'move beyond the daily breakdowns', it's time to take action. It's time to move towards healing and wholeness in a way that honours your loss, while inspiring your growth. Coming to terms with your loss as early as possible is the best way forward, and will save you the exacerbated pain of unresolved grief and grieving. The investment in this course is $620 (payment plans available) and I'd like to offer you a FREE 30-min consultation in order to get a sense of our capacity to work together.

Are you ready to experience the freedom and relief overcoming grief can offer?
Ready to let go of other's expectation about your grieving experience? 

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