Artist. Activist. Alchemist.

Lindsey Stillwell
Therapeutic Arts Practitioner based in the Blue Mountains, NSW

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I'm passionate about creating a world where you experience belonging, connection and a sense of meaningful purpose in life.

I love dancing wildly, loving generously, and being awed by the spirit of children.

I am highly influenced by the natural world, connection with ancestors, deep ecology, and mysticism. My work is based on intentional connection with Self, Source, Others, Earth & Ancestors.

I believe in a world of harmony, respect, inclusion and connection. A world where you are welcomed to be fully you.

In all of my offerings, I create a space where every part of you is welcome.



As a qualified Therapeutic Arts Practitioner, I offer a safe space for you to heal from trauma, create meaning from difficult experiences, resolve conflict in relationships, and develop strategies for personal agency and living the life you dream of. 

Having worked psychosocially across the world over the past 10+ years, from the slums of India to the red-light districts of Eastern Europe to outback Australia, I'm unafraid of the 'shadows' of life, the dark underbelly of spirituality and religion, and the things considered 'taboo' or shameful in mainstream culture.

I specialise in: 

  • Sexual Assault Healing & Trauma Recovery

  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation

  • Shame, Sexuality & Self-Expression 

  • Death, Grief & Loss

  • Self-Doubt, Empowerment & Emotional Clearing

  • Religious Abuse Recovery & Healing Ancestral Trauma

Whether you identify as cis, trans, queer, gay,  straight or non-binary, if you are human,  I'm here to meet you exactly where you're at.
Every Part of You is Welcome.

My work is intuitive, individualised and inclusive,
co-creating transformation with my clients as the expert of their experience.


Client Reviews

My session today with the divine Lindsey was so amazing I’m actually not sure I can find the words right now to describe it and do it justice! I felt so divinely held during this incredible session as she gently guided me through her unique process. Everything that came up resonated to a ‘t’ and the energy clearing she facilitated was immense! I can still feel my energy buzzing in a really beautiful way! I highly, highly recommend working with this divine being of light, she truly is magical! Deep gratitude to you gorgeous Zee.
— AM, Spiritual Life Coach, Personal Trainer
I understand that I was outsourcing my pain of the abuse I experienced by feeling guilty instead and stepping into the abuser role with no need. That was huge, and wanted to thank you for work that helped me to wake up and be aware. You are definitely impacting with your work and the universe is supporting all your greatness.
— LA, Visual Artist
Lindsey’s energetic clearing capacities are indeed unique, which is probably one of the many reasons why they actually work!
So rare to meet healers whom can sensitively and consciously transmute stagnant charge in the pathways of my body, leading to greater experiential awareness of how we lock our own bodies up, with our conditioned mindsets. Lindsey provides awareness, safety and permission to feel your way (the only way) through your trauma, your armour, your fog, your stubbornness, etc etc, to breathe life and fire back into the various forgotten or sealed off catacombs of your whole bodily hearts.
Thank you for your genuine service to the earth and humanity; you clearly love so much!
Powerful alchemical healing work.
— TW, Trauma Release Practitioner, Deep Ecology Artist/Activist

Artist. Activist. Alchemist.

I'm Lindsey, a passionate, wild, creative human with a heart of gold and a laugh that fills the room! 

I create a safe space where every part of you is welcome, and pave the way for a living a fully human life, free from shame. 

When you fully embrace your humanity, you give way for the fullness of your divinity.
— Lindsey M Stillwell