Welcome to 'Befriending Grief: a New Way to be Healed and Held through Bereavement & Loss'. 

In today's task, I encourage you to connect to your relationship to Self through the sense of Touch. I'd like to encourage you to take intentional time to connect to your physical body through touch. Allow yourself to touch each part of your body from head to toes, giving gratitude for that part ('I'm thankful for my head... I give gratitude for my hands... I'm thankful for my ribs... I give gratitude for my shins..." etc). An simple way of doing this is while you are in the shower, since you are already present with your body. 

When you've gone through and slowly laid your hands on each part of your body, you can end by placing your hands on your heart and expressing gratitude for your entire being. 

Remember to go gently, and notice any thoughts or emotions that arise; do this exercise with self-love and compassion as the support and guidance for this practice. 

Please share your experience with us in our private Facebook group. It's a beautiful way to journey alongside each other through this process, and share of our experiences together. Often times, we can question the validity of our grieving experience, and this group is a safe place to share and be affirmed and encouraged.