Welcome to Day 2 of Befriending Grief!

Today's exercise is connect to your relationship with Source/God, and to activate your sense of Smell. It doesn't matter so much what your affiliation to God is, many people use various names/references including Great Spirit, Universal Love, Higher Energy, Source, Sacred, Higher Self, Consciousness, etc. The point is to make connection to that Presence which is greater than ourselves. 

Using the sense of smell, I encourage you to find something that helps associate you with or represents the Divine to you. It could be a favourite candle, incense, white sage, pale santo wood, lavender, etc. Again, the point is to hold intention for connection. Take time to allow yourself to be enveloped in the smell, to evoke imagery and feelings of being held by Source. 

Please share your experience with us in our private Facebook group. It's a beautiful way to journey alongside each other through this process, and share of our experiences together. Often times, we can question the validity of our grieving experience, and this group is a safe place to share and be affirmed and encouraged.