Befriending Grief - Day Three: 3 Reasons Why Grief causes Disconnection & Isolation

Today's task: 

The relationship we will be focusing on today is our relationship with the PLANET! We will be exploring connection with the planet through our sense of TASTE! 

I'd like to encourage you to pay close attention today of what you are eating. Often we can eat an entire meal without really tasting it. It's also so important to be mindful of the types of foods we are enjoying. 
One of the main reasons that the Planet is one of the 5 Key Relationships, is because much of the destruction and degradation of the planet is due to our disconnection from it. And through bringing our attention and intention to re-connecting with the planet, we can be more mindful of the products we buy and their impact on the planet, as well as the foods we eat and the impact their production has on the planet as well as our bodies. 

So today, I encourage you to connect to the Planet through your food. Food is something that is so apart of all of our lives already, but how mindful are we of the food we eat? And how can we build connection to the planet through mindfully tasting our food? 

Let us know what you think of today's exercise in our private Facebook group. It's a beautiful way to journey alongside each other through this process, and share of our experiences together. Often times, we can question the validity of our grieving experience, and this group is a safe place to share and be affirmed and encouraged.