Befriending Grief Day 4

Today's Task: 
Today we are focusing on our relationship to OTHERS and using our sense of SIGHT. 

I invite you to create a visual representation of 'Other', perhaps through making an alter or shrine of remembrance. Remember that Other is not just those you've lost and those you love, but can extend to the global community of people all across the globe. As I said in the video, you are welcome to create a collage of images representing people across the globe. 

Take time to look deeply into the images or photos you've chosen, and connect to the sense of Oneness that is interwoven through us all. Give gratitude for the beauty of diversity within humanity. 

Please share your experience with us in our private Facebook group. It's a beautiful way to journey alongside each other through this process, and share of our experiences together. Often times, we can question the validity of our grieving experience, and this group is a safe place to share and be affirmed and encouraged.