Befriending Grief Day 5

Today's Task: 
Today we are focusing on our relationship with our LINEAGE and using our sense of SOUND. 

As I mentioned in the video, there are various ways to connect to Sound, either through listening or creating vocal sound. One of the ways we can connect to our heritage through sound is by finding music that comes from our ethnic background. I often like to listen to Native American pan flute music to connect to that ancestral line, or traditional Greek music to connect to my Greek heritage. The internet is full of resources, and I hope you are able to find something that comes from your heritage as well. (And if you didn't watch the video, I really recommend you do in order to experience the surprise offering I share in it.)

Another way to connect through sound is by becoming aware of your breathe, slowly inhaling and exhaling, and inviting any sound to come from your voice during the exhalation. You can do this while listening to your cultural music or pick something instrumental and see what you can create. Using the breath to create sound can be a powerful way of connecting to your body as well as your grief. 

And that's something to remember... Creating sound (it doesn't have to be a song) can be a healthy way to release emotion, particularly if you feel you want to express but tears or words aren't coming. 

Please share your experience with us in our private Facebook group. It's a beautiful way to journey alongside each other through this process, and share of our experiences together. Often times, we can question the validity of our grieving experience, and this group is a safe place to share and be affirmed and encouraged.