Lindsey Stillwell

Artist. Activist. Alchemist. 

I'm Lindsey, also known as Zee, Stillwell and Lady Zee. I've come to love and accept that I'm a chameleon - highly adaptive to my environment and others. I am a multi-faceted, complex being with a myriad of contradictions, and know that this is simply part of being fully human! 

I love dancing wildly, giving love generously, and being awed by the spirit of children.

I am highly influenced by the natural world, connection with ancestors, deep ecology, and mysticism. My work is informed by and built on connection with what I call the 5 Key Relationships: Self, Source/God, Others, Earth and Ancestors. I’ve written a brief e-book on these relationships and the cultivation of inner peace which can be found here.


Since launching my business in 2015, I've been building and creating my work, and it's had many iterations, just like me. Key themes and offerings have included: Grief & Loss Counselling, Tea Ceremony Meditation facilitation and online course facilitation, Creative Arts Therapy practices, Sexual Assault Recovery and Mediation, Spiral Emotional Clearing, Sexual Empowerment mentoring, Womb Wisdom & Miscarriage support, Intuitive Massage & Sound Alchemy, etc.

As I continue to evolve and growth, so does my business. 

As a multi-disciplinary performing artist, I span the worlds of music and songwriting, spoken word poetry, theatre making and acting, cabaret and drag, MCing, improvisation, vocal toning and beatboxing, dance and movement, installation performance art and comedy.

Whether I'm on stage presenting, performing or facilitating, or am sharing my heart in 1:1 and group coaching sessions, I create a safe, full-permission space where every part of you is welcome.


I am an Artist, Activist & Alchemist; a qualified Therapeutic Arts Practitioner, a performing artist, facilitator, storyteller and intuitive healer.

I have been exploring the realms of shame, desire, sexuality and personal power for many years, and have worked psycho-socially across the globe in the red light districts of Eastern Europe, slums and rehabilitation homes for young women that've been sex trafficked in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. I've facilitated counselling and mediation for people who've experienced sexual assault and those who've perpetrated sexual violence against them, and as a caseworker for those with a lived experience of domestic and family violence throughout Australia. 

Unafraid of the 'shadows', the areas of life considered 'taboo' in mainstream culture, and the dark underbelly of spirituality, I create a space of curiosity, exploration, and liberation with the intention of embodiment, emotional intelligence and holistic wellbeing.


I envision a world where people are deeply connected to their potent, powerful potential as the authors and c0-creators with Life.

I acknowledge the cultures and practices of my ancestors - the Sioux tribe of Lakota Nation (USA), the Celts of Northern Europe, Greeks of the Island of Samos, and the English blood that flows in my veins. As a two-spirit Indigenous womxn, I weave the polarities of masculine and feminine within myself in a way that honours the Being in you regardless of gender.

I acknowledge that I live and work on the sacred land of the Gundungurra and Dhurag People of Eora Nation, on what is currently called the Blue Mountains, NSW. This land is stolen, was never ceded, and always was, always will be Aboriginal Land. I offer my respect to elders past, present and emerging, and to all Indigenous people. This is not tokenism, but is in full acknowledgement of the history of this land, the death, grief and stories this land holds as well as the rich traditions, rituals and lives that continue to animate through Country.

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  • Graduate Diploma Therapeutic Arts Practice, MIECAT Institute, Melbourne, Victoria

  • Certificate in Social Justice, University of the Nations, Denver, Colorado, USA

  • Certificate in Music & Worship, University of the Nations, Denver, Colorado, USA

  • Associate Degree in Liberal Studies, Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, WA, USA



  • Trauma Informed Art Therapy, Art To Healing, Melbourne, VIC

  • Trauma & The Triune Brain, Art To Healing, Melbourne, VIC

  • Aboriginal & Islander Domestic Violence, YWCA Darwin

  • The Spiral Practitioner Training, Byron Bay, NSW

With Appreciation for my Teachers, Sages and Influencers:

Thanks to the works, practices and influence of:
C.G. Jung, Aidan Wachter, Brené Brown, Warren Lett and MIECAT Institute, Dr Martin Shaw, Susan Santoro & The Freedom Plan Collective, 5 Rhythms Dance Melbourne, ‘Dancing Eros' and Alejandra Nicolazzo, Trevor Wills and Bio-Energetic Release Therapy, Gary Large (theatre director at WCC), University of the Nations and Youth With A Mission, Jeff Pratt and Axiom Community, China Curtiss Kent, Katherine Cobb, Monique Newman, Marc & Lydia Buchheit, Tim & Julie Hansen and Christian Renewal Centre, and more.

To my chosen sisters, brothers and queer kin, Thank you for walking this life with me: Fleassy Malay and Kaia Acacia James, Jordhana Clark, Zoë Nelson, Chalise Hunter van Wynngardt, Art Weeks, Jessica Miller, Mayanya (Lezlee) Cook, Lauren Castillo, Catherine French, Kaylicia Stott, Naela Rose, Petrina and Tallulah Speller, Natalia Latyzonek, Alphamama, Michelle Dabrowski, Angela Jade, Jacinda Meikeljohn and Ayla Jean, Aisha and Nanette, Hineani Tunoa Roberts, Rhys Paisley Satchell, Tony Martin, Michael Chalk, Matty & Lesley, Matua Louis Kereopa, Christian McLaughlin, and so many others. You’ve helped shape me.

To my siblings: Gregg, Cassie, Jeremiah, my twin Carissa, Joshua, Ben, Hosanna, Sarah, Josiah, Rachel & Elijah, Thank you for you. Each of you have been amongst my greatest teachers. I will always love you.

To the incredible Bea Maz, for capturing my essence in photos and the countless hours of editing and processing. You are a gem!