The Healing Power of Sound & Music

Did you know sound and music have the capacity to change the molecular structure of your body? 

It's this idea that really got me curious about healing through sound and music! If sound changes the molecular structure of water, then sound must change our bodies, which are made up of so much water. This got me thinking about how we can intentionally transforms and heal our bodies through sound and music.

I'm really passionate (and curious) about the impact of sound and music on our bodies, and want to share this passion with you! 

You've probably experienced a song that had you in tears, or another tune brought up the urge to move and dance. Additionally, you probably choose specific playlists for when you want to feel energised and work out, and different playlists for when you want to relax and meditate. However, it's not just your mood that is altered; your body and brain are affected by sound and music vibrations as well. 

So, while some of you may be unfamiliar (or even weary) of the term 'sound healing', to some degree you can probably relate to the idea that music and sound have an impact on the way you feel. 

Sound and music as therapy have been growing and becoming more and more recognised as allied health professions for the last 40 years, but date back to ancient times as evident in biblical times, ancient Greece, China and Egypt.

In this TED talk, Julian Treasure explains 4 Ways Sound Affect Us. He shows us the damages certain sounds have on our mind and body, and how other sounds have positive and beneficial affects on us.  

Robert Gupta speaks of the medicinal quality of music, and the affects it has on the brain and brain development, particularly  with people that have experienced trauma and mental illness in this TED talk. He also references the great poet, John Keates, saying,  "Beauty is truth, and truth beauty. That is all you know on earth and all you need to know." 

Sound is vibration and vibrations changes the molecular structure of water and matter. The Bible says that God spoke the world into existence, that the Spirit hovered (creating vibrations) over the Great Nothingness and the cosmos was formed. 
The Big Bang theory is obviously the idea of sound creating and organising matter into existence. So regardless of your spiritual or scientific beliefs, it's something we know to be true - sound impacts matter and water; sound has the capacity to destroy or create.

In my own research and studies, I've learned about the application of Creative Arts Therapy in Trauma recovery, and have written this article about the Triune Brain theory, Tea Ceremony & Trauma Recovery, exploring the modalities I use and how they impact trauma recovery and the brain. 

When I was moving through the grief of my miscarriage, I used Tibetan singing bowls, percussion and other music to aid in my helming process, as well as improvised piano playing and singing. 

In my upcoming 5-week therapeutic online course, we will explore the power of sound and music as a way of moving through grief, connecting to your womb wisdom, and moving into a place of joy and purpose-filled living! 

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With a song in my heart, 


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