A New Name

Lindsey means 'Linden Tree near the water'

Lindsey means 'Linden Tree near the water'


Today is the day. 
As the super moon rises tonight, I choose this auspicious day to step into my new name, the fullness of my identity and purpose.

I choose a path of abundance and courage. 
I choose a path of integrity and transparency. 
I choose a path of stillness and wellbeing. 
I choose to live wholeheartedly, in my purpose on purpose.

My new name - 
In the last few months I've had the sense that I would be changing my name, I didn't know if it was going to be my first name, surname or both that would change, but have remained open to Spirit's guidance. 

In the last couple weeks I have experienced a continued inner stirring of my purpose towards having global influence and 'being famous'. As I was journaling about this two weeks ago, I wrote the words (without thinking about it) "people will know my name". Surprised that this came out, I began to ponder what name I would be known by. The memory of my grandmother's maiden name (Stillwell) came to mind, and I realised that 'stillwell' holds two beautiful meanings when broken apart - one being a still well, resembling calm deep waters, a wellspring. The other being still well in the sense of sustained wellbeing. These two meanings hold great significance for me, and exemplify what I intend to create in the world - a deep reservoir of still waters (inner peace and stillness), and sustained holistic wellbeing for myself and others. 

I then thought about whether or not I would change my first name as well, and as I thought about the meaning of Lindsey, I realised how much significance it holds for me, and how beautifully it fits with Stillwell. Lindsey means 'Linden trees near the water' and resonates beautifully with scriptures that I grew up knowing.

Jeremiah 17:8 - 
"They are like trees planted along a riverbank,
with roots that reach deep into the water.
Such trees are not bothered by the heat
or worried by long months of drought.
Their leaves stay green,
and they never stop producing fruit."

So, like a tree planted by streams of water, I choose to remain abundant and expansive through all times, sharing the 'fruit' of my life in all seasons. I do not fear drought or times of intensity, but continue to drink deep of my inner knowing and the wisdom of Great Spirit.

Today I choose to take the surname of my great grandmother, Naomi Stillwell. I let go of the paternal surname I was given, not in rejection to my father or family, but in an act of stepping into the creation of MY identity. I also honour the women in my lineage and choose this family name as a way of recognising all of the women whose names are lost and forgotten through the patriarchal practice of a woman taking on her husband's name. 

Today I choose to live a life of wealth, health and divinity in accordance to plans and purposes I was created for. 

I choose to plant my roots deep, drawing Life and Sustenance from the waters of my inner wisdom and the divine flow of Source.

Today I stand in my fullness and my new name

Lindsey Marie Stillwell

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