Ignite Your Purpose

Adopting a new way of being in a world of ‘old ways’ isn’t always met with enthusiasm, both from the self and others.

Our bodies and minds are predispositioned to seek the familiar, and avoid the uncomfortable or foreign.  We create little world to insulate us from what we don’t know, and often we end up fearing that which is outside of our understanding.

We defend these little worlds of safety, comfort and the familiar. Whether consciously or not, we begin building walls around our inner and outer worlds, letting in what adds to our comforts and pleasure, and locking out what doesn’t. But little do we know that in the protection of self, we neglect the idea that our lives are gardens, which grow healthier and more robust with the defecation of other species. We forget that our lives are reflections of the natural world, occurring in cycles of life, growth, death and rebirth. We fall out of sync with the seasons and rhythms of the planet.

We forget that there is so much to experience and learn from the people and ways of being that are different from our own.

Rarely do we push ourselves beyond what’s comfortable, much less into that which we perceive as risky or irrational.  It’s in these places, though, that we are forced to examine the habits and structures we’ve created that are limiting our fullest human potential. 

This has become my experience of late… becoming aware of the areas in my life that I had initially set up as support, but had more recently become ‘crutches’ and were preventing me from stepping into my fullest potential. I realized that while absolutely necessary for most of this year, the part-time job I had been working in had come to inhibit me from diving wholeheartedly into my business and creative expression. I needed to let go of what was safe and comfortable, and find my way into the unknown territory of self-sufficiency (created through healthy interdependence). I stepped off the ledge, let go of control, and surrendered to the flow of the cosmos.

I discovered my own weak willpower at first, and the desire to be supported and ‘caught’ by others. Thankfully, I quickly found that no one was going to rescue me; that I needed to step it up a notch, support myself and start creating.
Financially this tested me more than I’ve been tested in many years. My bank account dropped down to $1.47 and I had a $5 note in my wallet. I told my housemate I couldn’t pay rent (with much fear and trepidation). And with deep humility, I told the people I owed money to that I couldn’t pay them back quite yet.

And I began creating. I found the gifts in me that I’d not been proactively using, and started offering various types of services in order to find stability again. Some friends suggested getting part-time work again, and I considered this. As I got really honest with myself, I found that my gut was continuing to lead me to work for myself, to create means for financial stability, and to continue to follow my inner knowing. I don’t have resistance in finding alternative work, but I do have a strong determination and sense of clarity to continue to surrender and trust that I have the means to provide for myself.

This time of testing hasn’t solely been about finances, though money has certainly taught me more about myself, and for that I am deeply grateful. I’ve been exposed to the areas of my heart that were still seeking dependence on others. And oh, this was not easy or comfortable to face. I am a very independent person and quite self-confident, so to realise that to some degree I still had an idea that others were meant to ‘catch’ me, was confronting to say the least. I found my mind creating ways that allowed for others to be responsible for me (like finding a place to live with friends where I could possibly pay cheaper rent or borrowing money from friends etc).

Truthfully that’s not the way I want to live. I want to be able to live in a place that is even more expensive than where I am now. I want to be able to give generously to others and share of my wealth, and pay back the money that I owe to others. So I am positioning myself in a place of cultivation – a place of finding my own strength and offering my services to others. Thankfully, I have already been so supported! I have had a friend buy me groceries, my housemate offer to use my bond money to cover rent, and numerous people have booked sessions with me (in my massage offering, as well as the emotional clearing processes I’m now offering).

In a two-day period I went from less than $2 in my bank account, to nearly $200.

How is this all possible?

One of the biggest reasons is the Spiral process – a 7-step process of clearing the deep (and mostly unconscious) emotional patterns and conditioning that we’ve received, either biologically or socially. When I did this initial process, my sense of worth (both financially and psychologically) dramatically increased, my sense of purpose skyrocketing (hence leaving the part-time job to pursue my highest potential and purpose), and my ability to communicate and express myself grew in confidence and clarity.
When I completed the Spiral practitioner training (about four weeks later), this process deepened even more for me. I felt like, again, my whole world was taking a dramatic shift, and I was awakening even more to the bigger purpose and impact I can and will have in the world.

I find myself on the precipice once again, this time a little less frightened (though with less money that when I left my job). I am excited for what is being birthed in me, and how the world is receiving this new version of myself. I am ready for global impact and am taking steps every day to get there.

I was born for greatness, and no longer will I shy away from it. No longer will I submit to the projections of others and societal conditioning of ‘just surviving’ and ‘following the herd’.

I am stepping out from what’s comfortable, in order to step into my fullness and the greatness I am created for.

If you , like me, have become discontent with the status quo and are seeking a more aligned and purpose-filled way of life, I want to support you in taking your steps towards greatness!

I’m currently offering a 60-min Ignite Your Purpose session for $100 until the end of November (will continue to offer this, but the price will increase). This is a powerful process of dismantling the unconscious ‘blocks’ that are inhibiting you from fully living in your purpose on purpose in 7 key areas of your life.

Email me at steepedinmeaning@gmail.com to book your session and get ready to step into a more fulfilling and driven life of purpose!

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