Introducing Play to Your Grieving Process

In my journey with Grief, I've come to find that sometimes 'overcoming grief' can feel like a big effort and often lead us to a 'heavy' or 'serious' state. But it doesn't always have to be that way. I've found that in times of deep emotional processing, one of the best ways for me to express these emotions without having to use words or try to verbally explain it to others, I can dance it out. 

The dance floor has become a place for me to meet grief, allow her to flow through me and out of me into the room. Sometimes she brings tears too, but my body has found a powerful rhythm (no pun intended) of allowing Grief to be expressed and moved out of the headspace through movement and free expression. 

You don't have to be a dancer and have years of training and experience like me, though. You just have to have a body and the willingness to move it... to let your emotions influence what parts move and how the move. You could start as easily as allowing your hands to shake loosely by shaking your wrists. Tapping your toes or heals along to the beat can also be a simple way of allowing expression through movement. Swaying or rocking is also a very 'safe' way to move, as it resembles the motion of being rocked as a child; it holds the same qualities of the soothing, rocking motion experienced as an infant. 

Don't think to much though... Let your body move freely. Have fun with it, even if you don't feel like it's a moment of 'working through grief', get in the practice of inviting dance/movement to be an access point when you do feel the emotional waves coming at you.