When Vulnerability + Connection show up in your Grieving Process

If you live in Melbourne Australia.... 

You may be interested in an event coming up this weekend on 29th MAY... It's called Good Mourning Melbourne, and is a FREE, community event exploring grief and loss. 

The facebook page for this event is full of details and gives this intro for the event: 

Living in this world can be very scary and saddening. There is much going on and we need space to cry. Cry together, for each other, because of each other, but most importantly with each other. This is a parade dedicated to mourning and saying goodbye to parts of us that are falling away. Being sensitive, vulnerable and empathetic is a gift. The forces perpetuating the oppressive and violent story plus the blinded rabble that follow suit need to see that our strength is in our connection to one another and that sadness is real. It is not healed with distraction, consumerism, suppression or denial. Come to the 'Good Mourning Melbourne' parade to witness one another in all our emotional glory.  

I wish I could be in Melbourne for this event... But am considering looking into making one happen here in Sydney too, because I feel it's a beautiful concept and really special way of coming together to process our losses together. 

There's a few things that are said in the intro to this event that I really love, and they are: 

Being sensitive, vulnerable and empathetic is a gift. 
...our strength is in our connection to one another... 

These two statements are so aligned with my work and my heart for your healing. As you've probably experienced, grief can be a very vulnerable experience, leaving us feel defenceless and sensitive. But if there's one thing I've learned on my journey in befriending Grief, it's the power and strength I've come to experience in being vulnerable with myself and others. Our vulnerability is SUCH A GIFT! And speaking of vulnerability, if you haven't (and even if you have) watched Brené Brown's TED talk on the power of vulnerability, I HIGHLY recommend you do! She is a researcher and storyteller, and this video literally changed my life when I watched for the first time 4 years ago. I still go back and watch it at least once a year. 

The other statement that was said relates again so strongly to the foundation of my work: connection! It's so so important to remain connected to ourSelves, the Divine, Others, our Planet and the Generations that have come before & after us. 

~ ~ ~ ~

I would love to invite you to join me for my course in Overcoming Grief - We can arrange it around YOUR schedule (we're all busy right?), and the home exercises can be done at any time. I know for myself the depths of compounded grief and the effort it takes to move through.... I'm still having to gently submit to the waves of tears that Grief brings me over the losing my child 3 years ago. I grieve also because my ex-partner (who's child it was as well) is not in touch with me at the moment, and I have not been able to express to him this loss.
It's my heart's desire to bring you through your grief sooner rather than later, in hopes of preventing compounded grief to be buried in your heart and the well of your emotions. To join me, you can sign up here

Go gently, dear ones,