How Processing Grief Transformed My Life

Since we were young, most of us have been told we can grow up and be anything we wanted. 

You may have been encouraged to 'pursue your dreams', 'follow your heart' or prompted to choose a vocation that would either make you happy or make you rich. 

I've realised that not many of us were taught how to create and sustain emotional wellbeing. Few of us were taught about the connection between our body and our emotions, and trained how to regulate emotions. On the contrary, many of us grow up believing that we should push away feelings of anger, sadness, grief, fear and other 'dark' emotions; only giving allowance for love, kindness, generosity, compassion and other 'light' emotions. 

In the last several years, I've learned and discovered through various teachings, programs and workshops how to embrace both 'light' and 'dark' emotions. I've learned how to listen to my body, and how to determine the 'signs' for emotional waves. Through my journey in befriending grief, I've developed an awareness of the connection between my body and emotions - the signals my body sends me that correlate with emotions that arise. And this has changed my life and is part of what I can offer you in my course 5 Keys to Overcome Grief. 

This past week I found myself facing anger that had been hidden beneath the surface for some time. There were several days it arose with me, and each time was slightly different from the others. In one instance, it came rushing like a damn that had been build for a long time, breaking the walls and rushing out of me in unexpected and startling ways.

Ways that led to apologies. (not an ideal or healthy way of expressing anger)

In another instance, I noticed it first in my throat - a tightness, a tension, something wanting expression. Having the space and time to process it and move through it, I allowed myself to dance it out. As I said in last week's email, dance is a powerful way to process emotions, even the 'dark' ones. I found that as i danced, my breathe desired to leave my body in low, deep exhales, bringing with it sounds from my core. Later that day, I came across this article in which the author suggests that addressing our anger motivates us to act, allows us to honour it, and brings clarity by bringing us completely into the present moment. (Things I've found to be helpful and true about my experience both in addressing grief and anger). 

Anger visited me a third time last week. This time it came in an inconvenient time, just as I was arriving at my part-time job where I work as a nanny. School pick-up time is not an ideal time to work through uninvited anger. A few quick tears surfaced at the tip of my tear ducts, while I quietly and internally acknowledged this emotion, reassured the angry part of myself that I would attend to her later, and let out a deep sigh. Later that night, I had a conversation that triggered the roots of my anger. Once the conversation was finished, I allowed myself to return to the depths of my anger, and processed it in a healthy and safe way. (a much more ideal way of processing anger)

Grief has been my teacher, as well as my friend, revealing ways to heal, hints for how my body speaks to me about my emotions, and offering guidance into moving through other emotions. 

Are you ready to find healing and freedom in moving through grief or other 'dark' emotions? Ready to step beyond your emotional blocks and into healthy ways of expressing yourself? 

I've heard people say they don't want to have to pay for their healing, they just want to be healed. My question is, what is your healing worth to you? Are you willing to pay a few hundred dollars now in order to save from having to face the compounded and suppressed pain in the future? Many people want a quick fix, a magical wand that erases their pain and discomfort. I can't offer you that. I don't have a magical wand that will suddenly relieve all your pain, worries, fear, anger, loneliness and disappointments. 

But I offer you healing worth investing in. I offer you a gateway into freedom from residual pain. I offer you practical methods to empower self-healing when you face discomfort in the future. In order to move beyond grief (or anger, etc), we need to move through it, and I'll guide you through safe and effective  practices in order to do so. I provide meaning-making and tools for healing that creates holistic wellness in your life. And I know for myself, when I've had to invest financially in my own healing and wellness, I get a lot more out of it when I invest more in (not just with money, but with time and energy also). The course I offer truly is an investment - what you get out of it is a reflection of what you invest into it. 

Are you ready to step into emotional freedom and healing?
Ready to create the dreams you had as a child and let go of limitations? 

Here is the new and updated link to discover the you beyond your grieving: 5 Keys to Overcome Grief 

It's time to step into the newest, fullest, most thriving addition of YOU! 

In fullness and love,