Life in Cycle - How to Find Flow & Harmony after Loss

You've probably felt like you've lost all sense of flow or rhythm in life. 

Grief tends to have a way of tossing our life in the air, while we're left waiting for it to land and things to 'fall into place'. 

I know I've felt this way, even in times when I wasn't grieving. 

I've found that Life has a way of making things clear, especially if we tune in and listen deeply. Nature has been one of the main ways I've been able to find the space and stillness to cultivate this listening, and in spending time outdoors, I've been reminded of the cycles of nature. 

Life. Growth. Expansion. Contraction. Death. Decomposing. Rebirth. 

In one of my moments sitting next to the river, I wrote a poem - processing my recent experience of loss, and pondering the cycles of Nature. Here's a portion of what I wrote: 

This flow, this cycle, this rebirth

One must die to be born again
With each breath, I breathe Her in
With each breath, I breathe Her out
Salt in the air flicked from the lapping waves
Sea birds above not worried but trusting for provision

The cycles of our lives are such strong reflections of the cycles of Nature.

Ideas, visions, relationships, experiences all start from a seed, and when nurtured, they grow. They need sustenance to survive, the watering of love and perseverance, the weeding of limiting beliefs and old patterns of behaviour. Like all things in Nature, our lives experience the dying and death of visions, relationships and opportunities as well. This is where Grief comes in... 

Grief is like compost  - taking that which has died, and transforming it into the soil of future growth. 

Going through grief is essential for growth.

Imagine someone you don't want to see coming to your home and continually ringing the doorbell, and you pretending they're not there. This is similar to the experience of loss without grieving. It's like a constant reminder of something you didn't expect or ask for. 

Now imagine, going to that door and with as much courage as you can muster, allowing that person to step into your home. Imagine that person actually came to give you a gift. And now you have the chance to open it, receive it and see how it can best be used in your life. 

Furthermore, imagine having a close friend there, someone you trust, who is able to go to the door with you and invite this person in. Your close friend sits with as you are given the gift, and reflects back to you how you might be able to use this gift. 

I am that person of trust and safety for you, standing with you as you open the door to Grief. I am here to offer you the support you need to receive the gift that Grief is bringing you, and begin to see how it can be used for Life. 

Don't let the experience of loss keep you in a cycle of denial and perpetual contraction. Invite Grief in. Put the things that have been lost, in the bin, and allow the process of Grief to compost them into fertiliser for the soil of your life. 

Find your flow, return to your rhythm. 

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Returning to my Rhythm,