Don't Rob the World of You

You are a gift and the world is waiting to receive all that you are! 

Over the past week, this idea has been coming up several times - that I am a gift and the world is waiting to receive me! 

In last week's email (you can read it here), I talked about the natural cycles of contraction and expansion - the way Nature creates life, allows for growth, expansion and contraction take place, and then eventually death, decay and rebirth. 

It's in the moment's of contraction (of closing ourselves off, of hiding, not coming out of our room for days, drawing our knees to our chest -- those moments), when we tend to hold back from showing ourselves to the world. And in doing so, we rob the world of the gift we are meant to be giving it. 

Now, hear me out... I'm not saying that you shouldn't have boundaries, that you need to share every aspect, feeling and experience of yourself with the world, but I am suggesting that perhaps in the contractive moments, we allow ourselves to still be seen. 

Our gift to the world is our vulnerability - the willingness to be seen in moments of fragility, fear and fatigue. The moments when we our stomach gets tied up, our mouths dont speak the words we actually want to say, the moments when we freeze. These moments are GIFTS! 

I first had the realisation of this whole 'being a gift to the world, and not robbing it of me' about 5 years ago, when I was getting ready to move across the United States for a 3 month music program. I kept telling myself that I wasn't going to make friends, that i would just 'put my head down and focus on learning and developing as a musician'. I was afraid. 

Afraid that in that 3 month period I would connect deeply to people and when it was over, I would experience the pain of moving back across the country to carry on with my life. Afraid of pain.

As I drove across the country for the start this course, I heard Spirit so clearly say to me, "How dare you rob the world of the gifts I want to bring it through you, and the gifts I want to give you through other people?!"  I knew then that I needed to allow myself to be open to receive from others the gifts of themselves, and to give myself to others through friendship and connection. 

During times of grief and loss, we can so easily want to hide our pain, hide our sense of abandonment and isolation, hide the anger we feel for what was taken from us. We think that people won't 'get it'... that our grief will be 'too much' for others. Maybe they won't... and maybe it will be. But there's a strong possibility that when you break the invisible barrier that is blocking you from being seen in those most vulnerable parts, even from your loved ones, you will unlock the gift of your whole self. 

During a personal tea ceremony meditation time a couple years ago, I also heard Spirit say these words, "The more you allow yourself to be fully you, the more you allow those around you to be fully themselves." 

There's no need for you to hide... especially from yourself. 

Accepting all aspects of ourselves, is a massive key in liberating ourselves from the pain of disconnection and isolation. If we can be witness to the dark, deep, scary, ugly and confused parts of ourselves with compassion and kindness, we can begin to allow others to witness those parts of us as well... and I can almost guarantee you that it is there you will find connection. 

Vulnerability leads to connection... even when it's painful. 

I found this to be so true when my partner was ending our relationship -- even though the words he was expressing were the last things I wanted to hear, his vulnerability and honesty allowed for my heart to swell in deep connection. 

You have the strength and courage to step out of 'shrinking' and into SHINING!!! I'd love to offer you a FREE 30-min Connection Session to empower you in giving the gift of YOU! Click here to book your spot!  

In Fullness and Grace,