The Power of Acknowledgement

Often in moving through grief, it can feel overwhelming, and sometimes shameful, to fully acknowledge our emotions.  

I've spoken before about the importance of acceptance, and today I want to share with you a continuation on that theme - acknowledgement.

I think the difference between acceptance and acknowledgment is that you can acknowledge your experience of grief without fully accepting it, but it often takes acknowledgement as the first step towards acceptance.

Acknowledgement moves us out of avoidance, and positions us into a place of willingness for change and transformation.

I love this quote that I've come across, as it really aligns with what I've been sharing about grief over the last few months - that in order to move beyond grief, you need to get up close and personal with it, move into it and through it. Although this quote comes from Mary Balogh's romance novel series, her words are poignant and relevant to our discussion on grief and loss. 

When I've talked about the 'compounding' effect of prolonged, ignored and suppressed grief, I'm referring to this idea that she says in the last bit of this quote - that unless you actively work towards acknowledging, accepting and moving through your grief, it can fester and grow in the depths of suppression, causing destruction and decay to set in. This often occurs very subliminally, but over time the weight can become too great to bear, and emotional collapse is almost certain. 

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With full acknowledgement of Self,