Healing Emotional Hurts - 3 Ways to Activate Inner Healing

Healing our emotional wounds can sometimes feel like hard work. 

Today I'm offering 3 Ways to Heal Emotional Hurts in this short video. Click below to check it out: 

1) Create space from the things that trigger your pain points. Just like our bodies need bandaids and certain conditions to heal, so too, our emotional healing needs to allow for space from the people, things, and places that can trigger our wounds. While grieving the loss of your child it may be appropriate for you to take time away from your pregnant friend, to avoid the blogs and forums that are talking about pregnancy and birthing experiences, and perhaps certain places that create emotional unrest for you.

2) Let out your 'inner child'! Look for ways to incorporate play, and allow curiousity and a sense of wonder to filter into your daily routines. Go for a walk and take notice of the things you pass in the street, let yourself whistle, sing or hum, look again with the eyes of a child at the wonderment of the world. 

3) Get Creative! Be intentional about creativity in your life - even if it's as simple as when you prepare food for yourself. Cook your favourite meal, dance to your favourite song, get out the paints and pens and start a 'creative journal' - it doesn't have to be a written account of your life, just free expression! 

~ ~ ~

Seeking support is like applying healing ointment to our emotional wounds. It's the salve that treats the wound, preventing infection and promoting long-term healing. Just like we go to the doctor or wellness practitioner for ailments that we can't fully recover from on our own, so too, our emotional wellbeing is best supported with the help of an expert. 

When it comes to healing from the trauma of neonatal loss, I have the tools, knowledge and understanding to support you effectively through the healing process. The wealth of wisdom that I've acquired, combined with my many experiences of grief and loss, has placed me in a position of strength when it comes to offering guidance and support. 

Click below to connect with me through a FREE 30-min phone session, to help assess your needs and the ways I can support you. 

In Support of Your Healing, 


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