The Will to Live: Are you committed to thriving?

Are you living your ideal life? Is the experience of loss holding back your joy and vitality? 

Recently I was asked this question, 

"If money were no object, what would you be doing with your life right now?" 

To even my own surprise I said, "Exactly what I'm doing... except perhaps not nannying as a means of income. I love children, but would love my business to be in a position of fully sustaining me." 

If you had asked me this question one year ago, my answer surely would have been different. I was working two part-time jobs, and had some idea of the direction I wanted to head, but was struggling to get there. 

It was also this time last year that I was grieving  the loss of 3 of my grandparents... they all had passed within a 6-week period. I was devastated. Feeling so alone, as my entire family lives across the globe from me. 

When I came to the point earlier this year of actually acknowledging the miscarriage I experienced three years ago, it was a very confronting 'visit' from Grief. And a massive experience for my partner of the time to witness me go through the intensity of it. 

I have been told by numerous people how they notice the commitment I have to mySelf and my personal development. And I know this to be very true; my commitment to self is very strong. It is something I have developed over time... and much through the experiences of loss, and going into the depths of grief. 

If I had not faced my miscarriage, if I had not spent hours and hours crying, holding myself, weeping in the bath, putting my tears into pieces of art, allowing myself to fall apart... I would NOT be where I am today. I would not be able to say that I'm living the life I want, my ideal life! 

It takes the will to live... to truly live... to step into the deepest and darkest parts of ourselves and transform those areas into Light and Freedom. It's not always easy or pleasant, and I'd probably say it's rarely pleasant or easy, but it is SO necessary for our wellbeing and capacity to thrive. 

As I write this, I sit with the shock and sadness of hearing the news that a dear man in my community has passed today. I actually messaged him last night to ask about collaborating musically with him... and today I find out that he is no longer with us. My heart aches, I am in utter shock. He performed an event two days ago, and to my knowledge was in good health. Once again I invite Grief to come as she may... and I wait to receive the gifts that she will bring me. 

If you're ready to allow Grief to be a launching place for you to step into living with freedom of expression, with joy and the empowerment to face the depths of your inner Self, I invite you to journey with me in a private and safe faceb**k group, Womb Wisdom. I will be sharing exclusive live videos, daily encouragement and transformational tools to empower you in living your ideal life! 

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Living in Fullness, 


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