Feeling Like You Just Want To Quit?

Ever have those moments (or days) when you just want to throw in the towel and just quit?

I feel like that today.

Like I don't want to blog, don't want to work... I just want to curl up and take a nap... and wait for the intensity of what I'm feeling to pass. 

It's in these moments that we have the opportunity to look deeper within ourselves and ask the question of what will serve us more. 

It's so important to examine the motivation behind this. Why? Because if you are wanting to create a life of wellness, connection to Self is of primary importance, and we build connection to Self through looking beneath the surface of our thoughts, actions, in-actions, and desires.

When you want to call it quits, ask yourself why? 

Recently I've found that sometimes my frustration and desire to hibernate from life, simply comes from lack of nutrients in my body. Yup... I get 'hangry'. And the solution to better communication, stronger ability to keep working etc in those moments, is simply to feed myself. 

Now, of course, not all our moments of defeat are as easily solved as giving food to someone who is 'hangry'! Ha! If only! 

I use this simple analogy because sometimes it is simple. And developing the capacity to navigate through the simple, helps equip us to navigate through the tough sh*t! 

In this moment, it serves me more to actually share this little nugget of truth with you than to curl up and have a nap. I acknowledge the triggers and experiences of the day that led me to feeling so down, but I choose to raise above, and offer this moment of vulnerability as a gift to you. 

I was recently introduced to two profound questions, and want to leave them with you today as a reminder to check-in with yourself. Sometimes it does serve me more to shut off the computer, close the blinds and take a nap. But today, I choose to use this experience to share honestly with you. 

"What is your current state of being? And what are your immediate needs?" 

Hoping you find the wisdom and clarity to look beneath the surface, to connect deeply to yourself, and the courage to act from a place of self-compassion in whatever decision you make. 

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In Service of mySelf,  


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