Why I Got Naked on Stage and What it has to do with Womb Healing

On Sunday night, I stood on a stage and took my clothes off amongst a group of performers and an audience. 

I had attended the Sydney Fringe show, Queen Cxnts, and was so inspired by their provocative message of body sovereignty and a call to reclaim sacred sexuality, that I joined members of the cast in disrobing (when invited to do so at the end of the performance).


This is a very vulnerable thing for me to be sharing with a global audience, so I ask for you to suspend judgments and assumptions, and let me tell you why I would do such a thing. Of course, in sharing this with the world, I open myself to criticism and opposition, but I believe there’s power in vulnerability, and I’m committed to transparency and authenticity in sharing my life, in hopes of empowering others in living honestly with self and others.


For so long, we’ve been subject to the ideas and pressure of conforming to the way others/media/cultures/religions have said (either overtly or subliminally) we should dress/treat/think about our bodies. I know for me, I still often subconsciously conform to how I think I ‘should’ hold and dress my body.

The thing is, we have been given our bodies as carriers of our soul; they are ours to love, to live in and to express ourselves through.

We have sovereignty to change, adjust and transform them in the ways we desire; to cover or uncover them in the ways we feel align to our authenticity and truth. (Please also hear that I have full respect and admiration for those who choose to cover their bodies in accordance to their spiritual/religious/cultural or otherwise beliefs. I’m not saying nudity should be lived and expressed by everyone; I still wear clothes in most settings, in discretion and as is appropriate for such settings.)

I believe that reclaiming sovereignty of our bodies and adorning them in ways that please and honour ourselves and our Maker is the key here. 

So how does this relate to womb healing and my work?

When we experience trauma (to any degree) our minds dissociate us from our bodies (to varying degrees). Additionally, as women in particular, we are subjected to so much external input/authority on how we should carry/cover/uncover/live in our bodies.

My experience of miscarriage coupled with the several experiences of sexual abuse in my life, led me to a level of high dissociation and disconnection to my body, and shame over my genitals and sex organs. An intuitive body worker I saw once even described me as having a ‘scared womb’.

The last few years have taken me deep into a journey of reconnecting to my body, my sexuality, and recovering from the traumatic experiences my body held onto. As I’ve developed a healthy and loving relationship to my body, I’ve become more and more comfortable in my own skin, literally and metaphorically – my body and my Being. I’ve also moved through the shame and embarrassment of having a deformed sternum (which I felt very insecure about for many years), and respect the state my body is in.

I’ve been reminded recently of a scripture that I grew up hearing. In talking about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Genesis 2:25 says, “Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”

Regardless of your perspective on the origins of humanity, I believe we are created this way – naked and unashamed, and it’s part of my mission in offering trauma recovery for women, to also offer opportunities for you to reconnect to your body in such a way that you are able to stand (if solely in front of yourself in the mirror) naked and feeling no shame. 

 I was inspired from this experience on the weekend, and wrote a poem as a way of integrating this inspiration into my life.

Let the breath in my lungs be allowed to expand
For I will not stand
For this oppression and silencing
I will not sit back and watch
As my sisters grieve in silence
I will stand for freedom of expression
I will stand for infinite expansion
Let loose the ropes that bind up wounded hearts
Allow the chains to drop
To crash to the ground
The sound of finality
For I am finished with injustice
I am finished with intolerance
But I want more than to just be tolerated
I want loving acceptance
For it is my right to be seen as human
It is my right to be heard and not silenced
But do not think that in the seeing
You can somehow claim my Being
For my body is mine
The Divine vessel for expression
My vehicle for Soul’s expansion
And I will bare my soul and skin
I will stand with foe and kin
I will rise after every time my knees hit the floor
Washed up like seaweed on the shore
I may reek of salt and sea
But I will arise again
I will find my way
Back to the beginning
To the Garden between space and time
And I will show my face
For as I was created
So I am and will be
And unashamed.
© Lindsey Diacogiannis 2016

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In transparency and humility, 


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