Heal Yourself & Change the World

What if I told you that the world is healed as you heal yourself? 

I want to offer you 3 Ways You Can Affect Global Change. 

1) Expand in Your Emotional Intelligence

  • By learning how to navigate your emotions and track your body sensations as you experience emotion, you strengthen your capacity to empathise with others. Through high levels of emotional intelligence, you'll also be able to more clearly recognise the patterns and 'chemical addictions' your body has to certain emotions, and learn ways to create balance and regulation in your emotional wellbeing. (For a brief understanding of how you can be addicted to emotions, click here. While I don't fully agree with all of the points or beliefs of the author, it does give a clear and easy-to-understand description of what I'm talking about.)

2) Develop (or strengthen) a Daily Mindfulness Practice

  • By cultivating mindfulness every day, you begin changing the way your brain and body interact with the world, and are able to gain a sense of 'inner peace' that can be accessed outside of your dedicated practice times. Studies are continuing to show the powerful positive impact meditation and stillness are having on a person's wellbeing. 
  • I don't know about you, but I grew up being taught 'the power of prayer', and how the intention and belief in something (an act or circumstance) that is unseen can manifest into physical really. My spiritual journey has developed and evolved from the Christian roots of my childhood, but I still believe that there is strong power in intention, visualisation and prayer. Our body and mind actually don't know the difference between perceived events (yet to happen) and what has/is actually happened(ing); and by training our mind and emotions, we can change our realities. (Click herefor a brief article describing more on this.) We truly can 'think things into existence', but it's important to recognise that it takes a lot of practice, and letting of old patterns and conditioning to get there. Let your imagination take you into how this can impact the global population... 

3) Live Your Passion

  • What do I mean by this? I mean, find what makes you come alive and do it often. If you have lost your motivation in life, feel stuck and can't access joy, I encourage you to think back to the happiest times of your life. What were you doing? Where were you? Who were you with? Of course, we can't recreate events from the past, but we can tap into the emotions we've experienced and seek ways to cultivate similar experiences and ways of being. 
  • What are the dreams and desires you had as a child? Can you move towards taking action in those things? Maybe you dreamed of being a chef, why not cook a really superb meal using fresh ingredients you love? Perhaps you wanted to be an engineer or builder. Find a way to create, plan and build something... even if it's as simple as drawing the plans for a dream home, constructing something with legos. Get Inspired! 
  • Instead of getting down about not being in the most 'ideal place of live' right now, what can you do to create joy and inspiration in the next 2 minutes? 

 Don't know what emotional intelligence is or how to develop it? 

Haven't found a mindfulness practice that seems to 'stick' for you? 

Still looking for your passion and purpose in the world? 

I've developed and cultivated these things through years of practice and dedication to self and spiritual evolution. These have become the foundation for the sessions I offer.

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