Ready to Dive Deep into Your Mindfulness Practice?

Let's dive deep... into your being, purpose and presence in Life. 

Are you ready to sink into a more disciplined practice of mindfulness and creativity? 

I know I am! This week I am committing to creating time for contemplation and stillness EVERY DAY for a minimum of 20 mins. I even have a 'buddy' who's keeping me accountable, and is going to check in with me to make sure I'm honouring my commitment. 

I'd like to invite you into a committed mindfulness practice as well. If you haven't joined my FREE 3-day Tea + Mindfulness email series, click here to get a dive into simple, brief and beautiful steps to a more grounded and mindful way of living. 

If you're ready to go even deeper, the time is NOW to join my 8-week online course The Way of Tea.

In this 8-week course we'll explore:

πŸƒ  Tea as a mindfulness practice and spiritual tradition.

πŸƒ  The 'Eight Bowls' of Cha Dao

πŸƒ  Practical tips and brewing methods

πŸƒ  Connection to a global community of Tea Wayfarers

Plus much more... 

I'm offering 3 spots for those of you in Melbourne who are wanting to experience this in person. This is an incredible offering, and may not continue in the future, so jump in quick if this is you. 

Whether you join the online group or do one-on-one sessions in person, I am offering a special EARLY BIRD price until 15th June - $100 OFF the course exchange


Raising a bowl to you,