When Women Bleed

My belly aches, my back tightens in pain. Today I bleed. 

This time of nurturing and being present to my body... of reflection and contemplation. This time when I bleed... is magical. 

I feel connection with every other person that has a womb. I feel connection with my ancestors, my grandmothers. I feel connection with my sisters, those of my bloodline, and those of my soul kin. 

This time when I bleed is powerful. It's an opening to the cosmos, and an expansion of Spirit's active presence in me. It's a time for me to come back to my inner truths, to create ritual and explore meaning, even in the ordinary. 

I love when I bleed; even though I experience pain and fatigue, and sometimes can't think straight. I have come to love this time. I didn't always. I grew up ashamed of my blood, embarrassed of my womanhood. 

When women bleed
Life is formed in other ways
When women bleed
The cosmos leans close
And whispers in hearts
When women bleed
New galaxies are born

Today I bleed. And I praise Creator for choosing women to carry the potential of Life.