Image by Bea Shot This

For all the tender hearts
Avoiding triggered darts, 
For the ones alone inside yet surrounded by others, 
For those alone wishing to be found by others, 
For the weeping ones 
And the dry-eyed crying ones, 
For the bodies hidden under covers
Those longing for lovers, 
For the ones for whom 'family' is a dirty word, 
And the ones with voices longing to be heard,

Your tears are caught by a thousand tiny hands, 
Strung delicately together by the fingers of angels, 
Your wishing and whispers
Heard by the stars, 
Your longing met by Earth, 
You belong, my love, you belong, 
In the bright night's sky lit by pregnant moon, 
In the arms of your ancestors stretching 'round you, 
In the soft lapping of sea as it kisses the sand, 
In the nests made up in branches, 
You belong in the sky and the land,

For those with smiles full, 
And bellies bouncing with laughter, 
For the ones found amongst family and kin, 
The ones who don't question 'where's home?', 
For the bright and shiny ones, 
Whose eyes glow with delight, 
For those in the arms of lovers, 
Never alone at night, 
For those who are seen and heard, accepted just as you are,
And those who find home wherever you go,

Your joy cascades like waterfalls, 
Healing the earth with each breath, 
Your eyes see God in everything and nothing feels lost,
You, beloved, know your place amongst strangers, 
And rarely do you feel danger, 
This, your gift, to the whole world over, 
The innocence found in your gaze, 
A spirit that dances, free in the wind, 
Brings rest to the hearts of the lonely, 
So spread your joy and neglect not your laughter, 
For the sun does not compare to the moon, 
Shine bright and dim not the star that is you.

For the broken and the held, 
The lost and those that are found, 
For the holy ones and the downtrodden hearts, 
For those who can't find their way, 
There is room enough for all of us, 
The world over is worthy of love,
The birds sing the sun up and the clouds bring the rain, 
But neither diminishes in beauty, 
I see God in all of this 
And I find my place in the Mystery.


Words by Lindsey M. Stillwell
Image by Bea Shot This

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