Permission, Pleasure, Power & Purpose



This morning I woke up and my mind immediately went busy buzzing about.... I ate breakfast and organised some things, but felt a strange restlessness. I decided to have a shower, and found my place of peace.

I realised how much having a warm shower affects my wellbeing... it's my place to connect to me. As someone who is super sensual, it's a place of great pleasure as the steamy water makes contact with my skin. It's a place of washing away the energy of the night, and stepping into the newness of the day. It's my place to do my breathwork and connect deeply to my breath, body and desires. 

'What do I want to create today?'

From this place of pleasure, even the subtlest of kinds, I find my place of power, and return my purpose (for the day, week, month, etc...).

Recognising I am not in lack of anything, and opening to receive all that the world has for me right here in this moment. I surrender... and from this place, continue to take the steps needed to fully my purpose.