Sex, Productivity & Our Ache for Belonging

"The word sex has a Latin root, the verb secare. In Latin, secare means 'to cut off,' 'to sever,' 'to amputate,' 'to disconnect from the whole.' To be sexed, therefore, literally means to be cut off from, to be severed from, to be amputated from the whole. . . . 
We wake up in the world and in every cell of our being we ache, consciously and unconsciously, sensing that we are incomplete . . . aching at every level for a wholeness that, at some dark level, we know we have been separated from." - Ronald Rolheiser


Sexual expression can be explored for many purposes and offer many experiences: 
for physical pleasure, release, sensations, and exploration
for personal growth and discovery
for emotional bonding and intimacy
for spiritual insight and discovery
for domination and submission
for the potential and purpose of procreation (in the context of fertile male/female dynamics)

At its most intense and most exhilarating heights, the experience of sex combines embodied love and desire, conversation and communication, openness to the other in the intimacy of embodied selves, transcendence into fuller selves, and even encounter with God.
— Margaret Farley

Innate with our yearning for sex, is a sense of longing for deeper connection and belonging, rooted in an a conscious or unconscious knowing of our separation from the whole.

In my upbringing, sex and sexuality was largely repressed; not uncommon in Christian paradigms that view sexuality from an Aristotelian perspective - that human sexuality is designed and intended solely for procreation in a heterosexual marital context.

I grew up very confused by the ideas that we were 'made perfectly by God' AND that my natural sexual desires were wrong and sinful.

The last 8 years have been a pursuit of personal growth and development, untangling the many threads of sexuality, spirituality, and their place of intersection. Diving deep into my trauma, religious and social conditioning, and my sexuality, has brought many revelations, insights, and a continued sense of curiosity.

I've explored erotica, sexual relationships, and periods of celibacy, and found in each of them a path towards spiritual discovery. I've also seen where my ache for being seen, heard and held in belonging have played out in healthy and unhealthy sexual interactions.

I'm continuing to explore the relationship between sexuality, creativity, and divinity, how these three aspects of the self join forces for productivity and creation in life, and I'm beginning to see results to direct implementation of particular practices used to facilitate this possibility.

I love what I am discovering as I reclaim my sexual power, heal the wounds of spiritual and sexual abuse, and implement strategies for productivity and creation in my business and performing arts projects.

with pleasure and productivity,