A Letter to Men


Dear Men,

We need you. 
We need you in your fullness. 
We need your strength, and your brokenness. 
We need your prayerful and your playful. 
We need your tenderness and your wisdom.

I'm sorry for the way you've been demonised. (I know this feeling too, as a queer woman born into a conservative Christian family.)

I'm sorry for the guilt, shame, and pain you carry on consequence of being born male.

I'm sorry for the weight you carry and the mental conflict you face because of the pain other men have caused; The not being able to follow your intuition because of what society might fear/suspect of you. 

I see you, men. 
And I want to see you more.

Let our hearts be humble to hear each others' words, and listen to each others' experiences as valid expressions of being human.

We need you to hear us, and listen... learn the subtleties of how our bodies speak beyond words. Listen for the quiet "no's" and the ecstatic "yes's".

We need you to reclaim your own power, not in dominance over others, but in your birthright to personal power.

Do not diminish yourself for the sake of our cause, but rise with us, all humanity, as one voice for the protection of the vulnerable, the reclaiming of our bodies as sovereign, the revering of all our sexualities and pleasures as sacred and acceptable.

Dear men, 
Do not hide in the shadows, fearful of how you might perpetuate the suffering of others, for this only results in your own suffering, and when you suffer, we all do.

We want to see you shine. We NEED to see you shine. In your beauty, your power, your softness, your sensuality, your delightful bliss, your dark and mysterious.

Too many of you are taking your lives. 
Too many of you are trapped in shame for what you have done to others. 
Too many of you fear what you are capable of doing to others. 
Too many of you are taking positions of power in harmful and unhealthy ways.

We need you. 
In your fullness.
In the owning of your power and pleasure. 
In the owning of your short-comings and failures. 
In the tears of regret, remorse, remembering... 
We need your fullness.

It is never my intention to shame or shun you. 
I desire the liberation of all beings, in full permission of their humanity woven with innate divinity. 
We are all broken and beautiful tapestries, and I honour the reflection of mySelf I see in you.

As a woman who has been sexually assaulted and raped both by men and women, I know the #metoo campaign and the social uproar of violence against woman goes beyond gender. This is a human issue, and we must all acknowledge our part in it.

Deep healing is needed. And is possible.

We must return to deep connection to Self first, then extend this to Others, Earth, Source/God, and Ancestors. These are the 5 Key Relationships that lead to a life of holistic wellbeing. And in order to move towards wellbeing, we must first acknowledge our sickness.

We're all in this together. Let us rise in unity, not division.

With a heart full of gratitude for the men in my life that are willing and ready to listen and learn,

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