Dear Women - a letter on International Women's Day


Dear Women,

Dear queer women, trans women, black women, disabled women, asian women, white women, Latina women, unwell women, white women… this is for all of you.

Let’s not raise ‘good girls’.

Let’s lead by example and model what it is to be fierce.
Let’s redefine ‘femininity’ and awaken an uprising of young women who are empowered.
Let’s create a culture of collaboration and encouragement, contrary to the competitive and comparison we see so much of in society.

Let’s dream big, love big, create big, and grow in a big way.

THANK YOU for being all of this already.
Thank you for the countless hours of labour and work you do to create family (if only you were made labour wages).
Thank you for ingenuity and problem solving that goes unseen so often.
Thank you for your strength and determination, for your resilience and perseverance, for your belief in change and equity.

I see you women… and I honour all that you are.

I see you struggles and your desires.
I see your aching hearts and bloody bodies.
I see the way the world has dismissed you time and time again.

I honour your courage. I honour your weakness. I honour your asking for help.

Dear women,
You are not inferior to anyone.
You are enough.
You are worthy.
You are desirable.
You are loveable.
You are beautiful.
You are powerful.

I celebrate you today. And every day. 

Let's not raise 'good girls'. 

Let's create a world where children know that they ARE love, regardless of their genitals, their features, their hopes for the future. 

Let's BE the love this world needs.