Ancestral Healing & Sound Alchemy

My work is not conventional.

I have a voice that wakes the ancestors in you and brings you home to a place so familiar you don't know when you forgot it.


There's plenty of practitioners that stick to 'talk therapy' and traditional psychology, but what I've found to be most effective is utilising my intuition and various skills, combined with my clients willingness and expertise of their own experience to 'find the gold'.

I sing my clients into healing.

Four years ago, I felt a deep call to connect with my paternal grandmother - my dad's mum, and felt an inclination to receive the ancestral wisdom of our Tribe - the Sioux Lakota nation.

The last time I'd seen my grandmother was when I was 12 and heading to a horse camp in rural North Dakota. My grandmother told me that that's where she'd grown up, that our People had been the warriors of the plains.

She told me about the special rock formations and the way the Tribe would mark their territory. And when I was there in the flat open country, riding horseback, I saw was she had told me about.

Fast forward to 2015, and I feel the pull to get in touch with her.

I tried various methods, ringing the different numbers that had been passed on to me, but nothing led me to actually hear my grandmother's voice.

Not knowing what else to do or if this would even work, I set the intention and energetically invited my grandma to join me for my morning Tea Ceremony practice.

Over the period of nearly a year, I felt her join me on many occasions. I sensed her presence, and felt I was being offered a transmission from our ancestors.

It's hard to put into words what actually happened, and I'm sure many 'rational' mind would try to dispute my experience, but I know in my bones what I experienced to be true.

Later that year, I found out that my grandma had left this realm, free of her earthly body. And in the days following, I set about creating intentional rituals, art practices, and of course Tea Ceremony to connect with her and honour her life.

Shortly after that, I experienced something 'unlock' in my voice and the intuitive songs that came pouring out of me were potently reminiscent of my ancestors.

Although I'd not grown up knowing the members of my tribe and still have yet to return to the Dakotas to meet my Elders, I've journeyed deep into the realm of ancestry (something I've been interested in since I was young - I think I started an account on when I was about 15).

Recently, I've been going through some professional development with my trauma work, and specifically diving deeper into the realm of healing ancestral trauma.

If you look at my family tree from a trauma perspective, it's so obvious why certain patterns have played out in my life.

And the more I develop my skills in this realm, the more I hear other experts saying the same thing - there's usually one person in every family that feels like the 'outcast', the 'odd one out', the 'weirdo'... and most often that person is placed in that family to become aware of and heal the ancestral lines of trauma.

In navigating with my clients through their trauma, I'm able to help them remain present and aware of their surroundings in order to move through and out of the traumatised symptoms that have resulted from the experience of trauma.

Many people are afraid to seek support with their trauma, maybe you are, because their belief it will be 'too much' or that they won't be able to handle the intensity of it. Or they fear that they will be re-traumatised.

These fears are reasonable, and previously in the psychological field many people did get re-traumatised because of the methods used.

In my sessions, you don't even have to know fully (or tell me) the events of what happened to you or what you witnessed. I work from a present-based method of mapping and release.

I bring so much love and empathy to this work, and a fierceness of commitment to your healing, empowerment and transformation.

If you need to hear someone say "I believe in you", book in for a free call today, and let me be the one to support you in transforming trauma and shedding shame.

You don't have to know what happened. 
You don't have to know how it will all work out. 
Trust your body.
Trust the pull of your spirit.

I'm here for you, and I create a safe space where every part of you is welcome.