Tantra, Trauma & Healing Sexual Assault

In 2017, I was part of a grassroots movement in Melbourne addressing sexual assault and abuse in the neo-tantra, 'conscious' dance community.


Myself and 4 others formed a 'task force' creating protocols for reporting abuse and malpractice perpetrated by tantra practitioners, massage pracs, dance facilitators or participants, etc, and avenues to accessing support and healing.

As a qualified Therapeutic Arts Practitioner with a focus on trauma recovery and as someone with a lived experience of sexual assault and an understanding of the police reporting system, I offered my services and experience to support others in our community who had experienced sexual assault and trauma.

I was on the front lines of a community in which sexual assault was insidiously permeating a sub-culture of people known for their 'conscious' events, workshops, parties, therapeutic work, etc.

I facilitated mediation (not meditation) between one of the foremost neo-tantra practitioners in Melbourne who'd become known for his malpractice and sexual abuse with clients, and one of his previous clients who'd be sexually assaulted by him 5 years prior.

Sitting in a room with my client and this prominent tantra practitioner, I created a safe space for her to express to this man the impact of his actions on her over the past 5 years.

She shared her anger, grief, and deep pain... and how this event had dramatically immobilised her ability to create a functioning life (including having to return to living with her mum, not being able to maintain employment, tension and pain in her body, shame in her sexual expression and difficulty relating to sexual partners, etc).

At the end of the session, the pracititioner who'd perpetrated violence against my client left the session, and as I sat with my client debriefing about it, I noticed a visceral shift in her body posture, her face, and her energy.

She expressed to me that she was feeling a huge shift, and said she felt 'a big weight had finally been lifted off her shoulders' and 'darkness had left her body'.

I'm so honoured to have been able to support her over a couple months through 1:1 therapy leading up to the mediation, and grateful to have witnessed this weight being lifted from her.

The methods I use in my therapeutic coaching sessions aren't always conventional, but are powerful and effective in liberating a person from the debilitating affects of trauma and abuse, and releasing them from the shame that's kept them silent and living in fear.

I incorporate the various modalities I'm trained in including Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy, Emotional Clearing, Bodywork and healing touch, trauma recovery and somatic experiencing, Dance Movement Therapy, etc.

My work is intuitive, individualised and inclusive, co-creating transformation with my clients as the expert of their experience.

If you or someone you know is seeking support in:
- Sexual Assault Healing & Trauma Recovery 
- Conflict Resolution or Mediation
- Shame, Sexuality, and Self-Expression
please contact me.

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