Disarming Shame

New Year, New You! 

As you enter the new year, you may feel a sense of self-consciousness about your body.

You may have made many New Year resolutions about your weight, exercise, diet or fitness. You may be contemplating potential sexual encounters with your partner, spouse or a new attraction, aware that how you present your body may determine the sexual experience that you have. 

How magical would it be for you to be in a full spirit of celebration this year... a spirit of celebrating ALL that you are?! 


I'm releasing a new ebook called 'Disarming Shame: a Brief Guide to Transform Trauma and Shame into Empowered Self-Expression', and am excited to be bringing it to the world this month. 

Disarming Shame is a sharing of my story in moving through the emotional trenches of sexual assault, offering helpful practices for reclaiming your body, stepping into your power, and telling your story. It's a humble guide of reflection, empowerment and transformation. 

On 11th January 2017, I was raped by an acquaintance. A woman. The last 12 months have been a journey of re-connecting to my body, re-creating a healthy relationship with my genitals, sexuality and creative energy, re-claiming my power and sense of control in my life, and re-emerging in the world to share my story of transformation, healing and restoration. 

I've come to a place of truly, deeply loving and accepting my whole body, of honouring my sex and choosing respectful intimate connections, and of deeply listening to my embodied instinct and intuitive wisdom. 

Ready to celebrate your body, let go of shame, and unleash your full creative potential?

Click below to get your copy of Disarming Shame.