Reclaiming Your Inner Temple


While recording a facebook live video this evening, I ended up sharing this powerful practice I have used in reclaiming and recreating my 'inner temple' - the sacred space of my sex organs and genitals. 


Visualisation practice for reclaiming your inner temple: 

I suggest being very intentional in creating a beautiful, nurturing space for this visualisation practice; light some candles, play soft, gentle music, and lay comfortably. 

Closing your eyes, breath into your body and connect with your womb space and/or genitals. Feel into the energy that rests there, in your physical body. Notice any emotions coming up as you breathe slowly. 

Begin to imagine that your genitals/womb space is a temple... what does it look like, how does it feel, can you smell candles or incense burning? What colours can you see in your inner temple? What are the walls made of (tiles, wood, stone...)? 

Internally asking yourself the state of your temple... is it dirty and neglected? Is there graffiti or damage to the walls, floor or altar space? Any broken windows, lights or fixtures? Noticing anything that you no longer wish to remain in your temple, and with your imagination, removing those objects, symbols, words, etc from your sacred inner temple (womb/genital space). 

Noticing the clarity and cleanliness that comes when you clear out the things you no longer wish to remain in your temple. And taking the time (through visualisation) to carefully bring into your altar the precious things you wish to hold in that space. Perhaps you visualise an altar... what do you want to put on that alter? Candles? Photos? Symbols? Words of affirmation? How is the temple decorated? Murals? Paintings? Tapestries? Again, tuning into your senses... how does it feel? what can you smell? what is the temperature? (perhaps there's a fire place..?) 

Maintaining slow breathes... placing only the things that bring you joy, a sense of wellness and inspiration into the temple. Feeling your body and emotional being in that space. How/what do you feel? Body sensations? Emotions? 

Before leaving this visualised inner temple space, repeating this mantra through slow and strong incantation... 
"I am safe. I am supported. I am abundant. I am free." [this is the mantra i was given by my shamanic therapist last year after i was raped, and i still call on it a year later] Breathing... repeating this mantra. Breathing... repeating this mantra. 

As you close this ritual, scanning through your body, and allowing the peace and gentleness of that inner temple space to pervade the rest of your body... down your hips, legs and into your feet; up your waist, back, belly, into your chest, down your arms, up through your neck and head. Breathing in gentleness, exhaling any tension. 

Take your time to slowly move the body, and perhaps give gratitude to your body, your being, your emotions for journeying with you through all of your experiences, and gifting you the transformation that is possible in your sex, sense of power, and expression in life. 

I recommend this beautiful, calming playlist for this visualisation practice. 

For your healing and wholeness,