Artist. Activist. Alchemist.

Lady Zee: Dragtivist & Queen

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Every body is deserving of love and acceptance.
Every human deserving of personal agency and power.
— Lady Zee
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Who is Lady Zee?

Lady Zee is a ‘Dragtivist’ & Queen’, an amplification of a part of myself, that takes the stage in full power, telling my story of overcoming sexual assault from a place of sexual empowerment. She brings a light-heartedness to what is often a heavy topic, weaving together spoken word poetry, dance, lip sync, and comedy to challenge the status quo on topics of body love, gender, and social taboos.

Lady Zee is an advocate for social change, creatively sharing ideas and facilitating conversations about boundaries, consent & sexual assault prevention through performance art, one-human shows, workshops, and as a keynote speaker.

As someone who identifies as androgynous, Lady Zee embodies elements of both masculine and feminine, adopting the term 'stroft' (strong/soft) as a primary descriptor.


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