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Tea Ceremonies + 'Rashomon' Film Screening

Lindsey Stillwell (Zee) and Hannah Dupree are teaming up with Up Up Trampoline for an exquisite evening of Tea, Contemplation, and Connection.

Enjoy the tranquility of a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony as well as a Taiwanese Tea Ceremony. Move through the space, connecting with Self and Others through both methods of tea brewing, taking time to sit in our altar space and contemplate as well. 

This will be a free-flowing event -- allowing you to share in both ceremonies, as well as taking time for stillness and connection. Arrive anytime between 5-8 and share in the tea ceremonies. 
The film, Rashomon, will be shown directly after this. 

Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon (1950) was one of the most daring films of its era. It recounts how a heinous crime was recalled from the different perspectives of a bandit, a samurai, the samurai’s wife, and a woodcutter, before ending on a stunning climax that questions the nature of humanity. Few films have terms named after them, but as ‘the Rashomon effect’ is now part of the common vernacular, it goes to show what a great impact was made by the multi-witness storytelling technique.

Exchange: $30
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Zee (Lindsey) has been offering Traditional Taiwanese Tea ceremony for over three years, since she first met her Tea Master and visited his centre ( in Miaoli, Taiwan. Previously, Zee held Meditative Tea Ceremonies every Friday night in Brunswick, but moved to Sydney at the end of last year. She is excited to return to beloved Melbourne and share Tea with you all again! 

Hannah is creater of Storm in a Teacup, a tea supplier bursting with knowledge, ceremony & fun based in Westgarth. Hannah has been studying the Ueda Soko Tradition of Chanoyu under her sensei Adam Somu Wojcinski since 2013. She also creates and manages the tea ceremony offering within the Tea Lounge at Strawberry Fields Festival. Sharing the mediative, connective power of tea is her life purpose. She is thrilled to be sharing her love of tea ceremony in collaboration with Steeped In Meaning (lindsey) and Up Up Trampoline. Find out more about her work: