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Evening of Yoga and Tea

Steeped In Meaning is collaborating with yoga teacher, Dafna Kronental, for an evening of restorative yoga & traditional tea ceremony for friends & the community. We invite you to close the week by sharing an enriching, authentic yoga practice followed by a contemplative tradtional tea ceremony that brings heart and rejuvenation back, in time for the weekend.

We invite you to experience the ancient ritual of meditative tea ceremony. The purpose is to quiet the mind and connect again to our breathe and body. Our time together will explore our connection to Self, Others, Nature and the Divine; bringing alignment to body, mind and spirit. “Tea combines the basic elements of life – heat, water and leaves – in a way that stills our hearts, circulates our energy and harmonizes us with our Source.” Organic teas that help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system are used for evening ceremonies to enrich the restorative and relaxing practice. 


Unique & true to its original form, Sivananda Hatha is a transformative, classical yoga style aimed at harmonising & strengthening the holistic self. The Sivananda class alternates between held postures, pranayama breathing and relaxation, promoting strength, flexibility & inner balance. I encourage deep self-awareness and intuitive listening -- your own pace, your own rhythm, always. A foundation in yoga is required.

♥ TIME: Friday evening, 5.45-7.45pm.

♥ DATE: 11/3

♥ CASH: $22/full, $18/concession

Please let us know if you're coming along, as numbers are limited to 15. Check out our Facebook event page here

We look forward to sharing a time of relaxation, rejuvination and refreshment with all of you!