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Tea Ceremony Meditation - Bondi


We gather together in the spirit of oneness and tranquility, to share in the ancient wisdom of Tea Ceremony passed down from WuDe, my Tea Master in Taiwan ( The impact that sharing this practice has on the rest of your day is really transformational. Get ready to be swept away through deep quieting of the mind, gentle guided meditation practice, and the sipping of truely magical Tea. 

Our time together will explore the melodies of nature through these ancient tea trees, which connect us to the energy of the mountain, water, sun and moon. 
Participants will discover a sense of stillness and deep listening. The tea acts as an anchor or home-base, so naturally when the mind begins to drift, we return to the experience for presence. As the mind settles and deep roots are established in the moment, the experience is limitless.

Connect mind, body and spirit through the awakening of senses and attuning through this gentle plant medicine. 

EVERY WEDNESDAY morning, come join us from 7.30-8.30am
$25/$20concession ~ Special 'bring a friend' rate - 2 for $40
**please wear comfortable clothes, as this is a seated meditation practice. 

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“Tea ceremony with Lindsey was a blissful and meaningful experience. Time stopped, I had visions and insights; I enjoyed being mindful of the sounds, the taste of the tea, my breath, and body. I have delved deep into my inner world. She holds space in such a peaceful, loving and sacred way, which allowed that magic to take place. I highly recommend it!” - Dominique

"Lindsey has an incredible nurturing, calming manner and she manages to hold a space for you to unfold in whatever way is necessary for you to get what you need. It is through the action of tea ceremony where you have the opportunity to connect to all of your senses, immediately unwinding and shifting into a better space... Get out of your head, out of your story, back into your body; reconnect with your soul and enjoy the journey. I know I did. Thanks Lindsey for working your magic." - Amanda

"I can highly recommend trying this! I really enjoyed my first Tea ceremony. I felt very connected to the plant tea medicine which helped me enter a deep deep relaxing meditative state & balance of body, mind & soul." - Marc