You don’t have to hide anymore.

The parts of you that have been made ‘wrong’ or shameful are welcome.

You are whole, complete and perfect just as you are.



It’s time to live shameless.

What’s Covered?

SHAMELESS covers 6 potent modules for transformation and healing.



Unlock the intelligence of your body, learn the subtleties of the body-brain connection, and reclaim your temple.



Make friends with your mind. Learn to witness your thoughts, develop discernment and take action even when your thoughts tell you otherwise.



Tired of being told that you're 'too emotional' or that emotions aren't 'manly'? Discover the richness of feeling and how it can enhance your personal power.  



What do you actually want? Connect to your deepest desires, let go of unwanted guilt, and learn how to increase your pleasure and receive what you truly desire. 



In each of us resides two polar and complimentary forces. Discover the marriage of intuition + intellect, and how to tap into these different energies with ease.



Living shameless is a holistic path, and comes with intentional integration. Bring together all parts of yourself and build a life where all of you is welcome. 


Starts Sunday 24th February!


About Me

I'm Lindsey, a passionate, wild, creative human with a heart of gold and a laugh that fills the room! 

I create a safe space where every part of you is welcome, and pave the way for a living a fully human life, free from shame. 


How It Works

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Online Course & Classes

Enter a 6-week portal of unlocking your full potential and enter into shameless living.

Each week you’ll receive:
- a video transmission of the module covered that week
- journal pages to complete throughout the week
- access to a live group call to dive deeper into the module, ask questions, and receive coaching

One-On-One Support

Receive direct mentorship and support from me as we journey towards shameless living.  

Over the 6-week program, you receive two 1:1 therapeutic coaching calls with me, to explore more personally your journey of moving beyond shame.

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Intentional Community

The voice of Shame wants you to believe that you are alone in your experience. Join the online intentional community and know that you are not alone. A safe space for you to share of yourself, receive from me and the group, and creating lasting bonds.

Join us on Sunday 24th February 2019



What participants are saying

The main thing that I got out of Shameless, was to face the festering pieces of myself that have caused me to live a ‘half life’. If it wasn’t for this course, it would’ve taken me a lot longer to recognise the levels on which I’ve been rejecting myself. Learning to accept myself as fully human has been deeply valuable.
Working with Zee is always a pleasure; I trust her with my life. I would recommend this course to anyone who’s been turning away from parts of themselves, and doesn’t know how to tackle it.
— Chalise Van Wyngaardt
There was a lot of light bulb moments, some new, some old. It’s been a really good space to address things - to delve in and identify what I want to change. I can now take back my life from things I didn’t know was controlling it. I’ve got back in touch with parts of myself I hadn’t been making time for in recent years. We had some profound experiences as a group, because Lindsey allowed the space to flow and not be so ‘strict to the script’. She’s been very honest with where she’s at, and encouraged us to become aware of how we bullshit ourselves.
— Sam Quinlan
I received a deeper connection to my body, and explored emotional blocks. I have a better understanding of how shame influences what I do and how I show up in life. I found new layers of vulnerability.
I found it a safe space to bring parts of myself that are quite scary.
Lindsey brings so much presence and grounded-ness in her delivery. I have a lot of respect for how she delivers she work, and the passion she brings.
— Justin West

We start on 24th February 2019! Are you in?