Artist. Activist. Alchemist.

Radical Self-Acceptance. Unapologetic Self-Expression.
Liberated Personal Agency.



It’s time to live shameless.


SHAMELESS is a space for all of you.

There's no hiding, there's no BS, and there's unconditional love, welcoming you to be raw and real.
Your success is welcome, your sexy is welcome, your sadness is welcome.

SHAMELESS makes way for your grief to be expressed.

Having experienced the death of 15 friends and family members (including miscarrying my own child) over the past 7 years, I've delved deep into the world of grief and loss. In 2016 I launched an online program called 'Befriending Grief', and it's one of the aspects that's influenced the creation of this body of work.

Your tears are a gift to the collective.
Your fears are a blessing and free to be named.
Your secrets are held with respect and trust.

This is a place where every part of you is welcome.

What’s Covered?

SHAMELESS covers 6 potent modules for transformation and healing.



We are fed so many messages about our bodies - how we 'should' look, how much we 'should' weigh, and what body type is cultural deemed as 'sexy' and 'acceptable'. This is your chance to fully accept and love your body as it is, without the pressure to change. Your body hair, your lumps, your cellulite, your bones and ass are all welcome. Take back your power and embrace the body you were born in!



Your mind can be a minefield if untamed and left to it's own devices. With space to express your thoughts freely without judgment, you're invited to make friends with your mind - to let go of the bullsh*t thoughts and overcome self-doubt. Stop second guessing yourself, and learn how to tame the rampant thoughts that pass through every day.



Your ability to feel is your super power. We've been conditioned to view feeling and emotions as 'weakness', and in this module, you'll be equipped with tools on how to engage your feelings in a way that frees you up and brings you strength.



What are the desires you don't dare tell others? When you have sex do you imagine someone else? Are you secretly desiring to leave your partner? Or your job? Many of us have become slaves to fulfilling the desires of others, and have neglected our own for so long few of us even know what we truly want. Let's find out what's beneath the surface, get clear on your desires (in all aspects of life), learn to ask for what you want without pissing others off, and open yourself to receive more than you thought possible. You deserve your heart's desires.



So much of society works on the premises of 'good vs bad', 'right vs wrong', 'masculine vs feminine', etc. Instead of separating yourself into compartmentalised aspects, this module brings you into union with all parts of the self. Learn how to bridge the gap between your head and your heart, your intellect and your intuition. Free yourself up for greater empathy with those who are different than you, and welcome the parts of you that have been seen as 'contradictory' or 'opposing'.



Creating a life of shameless living is a holistic path. It's a life-long journey of present-moment connection, intentional action taking, and letting yourself make mistakes along the way. Learn how to integrate the various aspects of you explored in the prior modules, and create a plan for implementing this course into everyday life.


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About Me

I'm Lindsey, a passionate, wild, creative human with a heart of gold and a laugh that fills the room! 

I create a safe space where every part of you is welcome, and pave the way for a living a fully human life, free from shame. 


How It Works

SHAMELESS is offered in various formats either online or in-person, 1:1 mentoring journey or as a group.

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Online Modules & content

Enter a potent portal of unlocking your full potential and enter into shameless living.

Each week you’ll receive:
- a video transmission of the module covered that week
- journal pages to complete throughout the week
- access to a live group call to dive deeper into the module, ask questions, and receive coaching (online version only)
- live group sessions held over 6 consecutive weeks (live version only)

One-On-One Support

Receive direct mentorship and support from me as we journey towards shameless living.  

Over the duration of the program, you receive two 1:1 therapeutic coaching calls with me, to explore more personally your journey of moving beyond shame.

The 6-week online mentoring includes 2 x 1:1 sessions
The 12-week online mentoring includes 6 x 1:1 sessions

1:1 mentoring is also available for those who participate in the live immersions or workshop series.

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Intentional Community

The voice of Shame wants you to believe that you are alone in your experience. Whether you journey in the online group or the live series, you are welcomed into an intentional community. Know that you are not alone - this community is a safe space for you to share of yourself, receive from me and the group, and creating lasting bonds of friendship.



What participants are saying

The main thing that I got out of Shameless, was to face the festering pieces of myself that have caused me to live a ‘half life’. If it wasn’t for this course, it would’ve taken me a lot longer to recognise the levels on which I’ve been rejecting myself. Learning to accept myself as fully human has been deeply valuable.
Working with Zee is always a pleasure; I trust her with my life. I would recommend this course to anyone who’s been turning away from parts of themselves, and doesn’t know how to tackle it.
— Chalise Van Wyngaardt
There was a lot of light bulb moments, some new, some old. It’s been a really good space to address things - to delve in and identify what I want to change. I can now take back my life from things I didn’t know was controlling it. I’ve got back in touch with parts of myself I hadn’t been making time for in recent years. We had some profound experiences as a group, because Lindsey allowed the space to flow and not be so ‘strict to the script’. She’s been very honest with where she’s at, and encouraged us to become aware of how we bullshit ourselves.
— Sam Quinlan
I received a deeper connection to my body, and explored emotional blocks. I have a better understanding of how shame influences what I do and how I show up in life. I found new layers of vulnerability.
I found it a safe space to bring parts of myself that are quite scary.
Lindsey brings so much presence and grounded-ness in her delivery. I have a lot of respect for how she delivers she work, and the passion she brings.
— Justin West

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