For the next few minutes I want to offer you a sense of calm and connection to the child you once held in your womb, but never got to hold in your arms. This powerful practice works to accelerate your process of overcoming grief by bringing connection between mother + child, accessing the emotions stored within the body, and bringing you to a place of deep gratitude.

Your FREE GIFT is this song & sound meditation: 

It is entirely intuitive and spontaneous, coming straight from my heart to yours.  
I invite you to find a comfortable position to sit, to breath into your body and if you like, close your eyes to allow this sound to wash over you. 

I hope you were able to find a place of stillness within yourself to connect deeply to your womb space, to connect with the soul of the child you've lost,
and rest in knowing that you are safe, held and seen in your grief. 

Holding you close at heart,