Tea combines the basic elements of life – heat, water and leaves – in a way that stills our hearts, circulates our energy and harmonizes us with our Source.
— Wu De, Tea Medicine

Tea for Transformation - Individual Tea Ceremony + Expressive Arts Session
Tune into to the depths of your inner world, and reconnect to yourSelf through the contemplative practice of Traditional Tea Ceremony. Breathe deep. Expand into the wisdom within as you merge with the wisdom of the Cosmos.

 I offer a transformative session that weaves together the tranquility of Tea Ceremony with Intuitive Voice offered through song and Prophetic Poetry. The poems are individually and intuitively crafted in the moment, and recorded for you to replay and receive from again and again.  

What you receive: 

  • A 60 minute mindfulness and connection session - a time of relaxation and reconnection with Self
  • Traditional Tea Ceremony as passed down by my Tea Master in Taiwan
  • Personalised Prophetic Poetry + recording for future listening
  • Intuitive Sound Activation
  • Deep connection to Self and the capacity to enter again into the Stillness provided through this ritualistic practice

Duration: 60 minutes
Exchange: $130 ($110 concession)

Lindsey held such beautiful space and enabled me the opportunity to connect very deeply to ancient tea ceremony, meditation and most especially through her voice, which symbolized the call of whales in the ocean. It was incredible. I have never heard such beautiful, resonating sounds come out of a human being before. Purely captivating and transcendental. An absolutely beautiful way to begin a Wednesday morning! The rest of my day flowed so effortlessly.
— Danielle

Meditative Tea Ceremony Groups
As you enter the meditation space, dim lights and the smell of candles or incense greets you, inviting a sense of calm and reverence. Cushions line the floor in a cosy semi circle around a simply decorated tea serving space. The sound of water gently beginning to boil might reach your ears, as you find your place around the tea bowls. 
Group tea ceremonies are a time to gather in a place of mindfulness, slowing down, and bringing attention from the busyness of our external lives to the stillness of our interior selves. I guide the group through a slow and gentle mindfulness practice, while serving tea to each person in a method that has been taught to me by my Tea Master. Sessions may include readings from her Tea Master's books (on topics of Cha Dao, Tea + Art, Spirituality, etc). 

What you receive: 

  • Space and time for stillness and quiet away from the busyness of life
  • Connection to Self, Spirit and a Community of others
  • Practical tips for incorporating a mindfulness practice into your everyday life
  • Introduction to an ancient tradition and spiritual teachings

Duration: 1.5 hrs
Participants: Everyone is welcome, group capacity is 15 people
Exchange: $30 per person ($25conc), $45 for 2 guests

**I also am able to provide Tea Ceremony for your special event or private gathering. I offer a 1.5 hr session for $200 for up to 10 people, and $250-300 for up to 15 people. For larger groups or gatherings, arrangements can be made and price is negotiable. 

For centuries Tea has been sought after and consumed as a calming beverage, but for thousands of years before Tea reached the Western world, it was recognised as one of the oldest plant medicines. Today, it is the second most consumed beverage, after water. Tea ceremony is not only an ancient artform, but is a gateway into bringing balance and stillness to body, mind and spirit. It is a way of drinking Tea in an intentional, mindful method that has been passed down for thousands of years in many traditions across Asia. This ceremony is a dance between the elements, a sensory exploration of presence, where everything is connected by space. Tea meets us exactly where we are and gives us exactly what is needed. She is a graceful, strong, compassionate teacher. She shows us a doorway, opens it, but gives one the chance to stand wherever one feels comfortable. 

Tea ceremony with Lindsey was a blissful and meaningful experience. Time stopped, I had visions and insights; I enjoyed being mindful of the sounds, the taste of the tea, my breath, and body. I have delved deep into my inner world. She holds space in such a peaceful, loving and sacred way, which allowed that magic to take place. I highly recommend it!
— Dominique
I had the joy of having a session with Lindsey today. Having been in my head far too much of late I was really looking forward to being more mindful and grounding. I got that and much much more. Lindsey has an incredible nurturing, calming manner and she manages to hold a space for you to unfold in whatever way is necessary for you to get what you need. It is through the action of tea ceremony where you have the opportunity to connect to all of your senses, immediately unwinding and shifting into a better space. Messages will come and go whilst you honor the process. Words are not necessary so you are free to go on a journey of self-discovery within your own pace and unique needs. When the drum begins to be played, your body unfolds amidst it’s rhythm and an angelic hypnotic song emits from the core of Lindsey’s soul just for you. It’s personal, it’s deep and it’s transformational. I’m so grateful that I took the time to have a session and I’m more grateful to have met Lindsey and been able to experience what she offers. Get out of your head, out of your story, back into your body; reconnect with your soul and enjoy the journey. I know I did. Thanks Lindsey for working your magic.
— Amanda

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