Tea ceremony with Lindsey was a blissful and meaningful experience. Time stopped, I had visions and insights; I enjoyed being mindful of the sounds, the taste of the tea, my breath, and body. I have delved deep into my inner world. She holds space in such a peaceful, loving and sacred way, which allowed that magic to take place. I highly recommend it!
— Dominique, Reiki Practitioner

I had the joy of having a session with Lindsey today. Having been in my head far too much of late I was really looking forward to being more mindful and grounding. I got that and much much more. Lindsey has an incredible nurturing, calming manner and she manages to hold a space for you to unfold in whatever way is necessary for you to get what you need. It is through the action of tea ceremony where you have the opportunity to connect to all of your senses, immediately unwinding and shifting into a better space. Messages will come and go whilst you honor the process. Words are not necessary so you are free to go on a journey of self-discovery within your own pace and unique needs. When the drum begins to be played, your body unfolds amidst it’s rhythm and an angelic hypnotic song emits from the core of Lindsey’s soul just for you. It’s personal, it’s deep and it’s transformational. I’m so grateful that I took the time to have a session and I’m more grateful to have met Lindsey and been able to experience what she offers. Get out of your head out of your story back into your body reconnect with your soul and enjoy the journey. I know I did. Thanks Lindsey for working your magic.
— Amanda, Intuitive Counselor

I had forgotten home. I had misplaced my sense of sacredness. I had travelled far into a world of distractions. Then tea happened.
First of all, I will be clear with why i’m writing this. It’s to recommend you visit Lindsey and experience her tea ceremony and art therapy. I think you should just stop reading and book a session with her right now. I experienced just that this morning and I’m telling you, it was excellent.
In the simple practice of sitting, breathing & drinking, a profound and nourishing dimension of reality and insight into my own nature opened up for me. It felt like home. hours later as I write this, it still does. I met the Special, sacred and mundane, all at the same time. I felt connected to myself, the earth and life. So powerful and important. Blending the physical with the sacred through the plain and simple. Wow.
Lindsey led, guided, poured and created with power and gentleness. There was silence and movement, stillness and sound. She sang, created music, I painted and felt.
It was a powerful experience of centering and locating my presence here and now.
Words are too small a thing to really grasp the meaning and convey the significance. Just sitting, drinking, slowing, ingesting, digesting, creating. It is life given its proper reverence, it is feeling your earthly reference point.
Have you forgotten something important about yourself and life on earth? Something simple, dependable, organic, homely? Something magical, powerful, clear and conscious?
Lindsey and the Tea will remind you
— Sam, Transpersonal Counselor

Lindsey came to ‘The Musical Body’ class recently and hosted a divine tea ceremony for us. Every one of us shared feeling a sense of spaciousness and presence from the intentionality and harmony of the ritual that Lindsey shared with grounded-ness and grace. I felt so overjoyed that we collectively entered a space of deep listening and presence which allowed our musical improvisations to wander into the most delicious places. I was also deeply touched by the vulnerability, love and trust that resonated in Lindsey’s intuitive singing she shared. I would definitely recommend Lindsey for your next event or gathering. Thank you Lindsey xoxo
— Charlotte, Voice & Body Facilitator

It’s not always easy to articulate the gifts Lindsey brings to her sessions; her beautiful smile, gentle nature and touch with the ancient wisdom combine to make each session unique and amazing.
I also had the pleasure of sharing space on a New Moon Meditation where Lindsey shared Tea Ceremony and her beautiful voice.
A gifted being on so many levels who is a joy to work with and allow her magic to work on me.
Thank you for the inspirations and amazing work you do, my dear. Deep gratitude to you Lindsey.
— Darshna, Alternative Therapist

Lindsey came to my house and created a special atmosphere for our massage. She soothed my tensions with a gentle and inviting touch that teased my muscles to relax. She used her voice to create a vibration that rippled through me to dissipate all thought and left me in a state of bliss and gratitude. Thank you for your magic!
— Alexander, Life Coach

Underwent [an emotional] clearing session with Lindsey. Was a special experience where she was able to guide me to the depths of the issue and out the otherside. Was a transformational experience - Thank you Lindsey.
— andy, dance teacher